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Party Flower Decorations for All Seasons

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Flowers are some of the important elements that make up any party. These blossoms can enhance the mood and help establish the atmosphere. In order to make any party successful, you need to come up with a fantastic floral arrangement that will complement the mood. You can either do it yourself or you can enlist the help of professional florists. Professional florists are considered experts on the art of arranging flowers beautifully. By seeking your professional florist’s help, you can make good use of his creative expertise. In addition, collaborating with them will help your budget because you will be able to meet your goals without wasting any money in the process. By doing this, you can bring out the best in your party and host a wonderful event.


Party Flower Decorations for All Seasons Party Flower Decorations for All Seasons

Party Flower Decorations for All Seasons


However, not all flowers are suited for parties. This is where you will feel the need of hiring a professional florist to help you; to give you ideas about the ideal floral arrangements that will mix and match on the particular mood of the party that you scheduled. You can also turn your focus to other important aspects of organizing a party such as thinking about food menu, drinks and the number of attendees among others.

Which Flowers are Best for Parties?

Basically, there are many parties where you can make full use of flower arrangements as part of decoration. You can use it on birthday and wedding parties, prom, homecoming, graduation celebration, formal events and dinner parties. Whenever there are parties, you can expect to find the floral napkin rings. You can also order floral decorations for candles, floral place cards and posies in the punch. Don’t forget to tell your florists to make these important decorations in order to complete the night of your dear guests.

If your party is a formal event, the best flowers for this type of occasion are orchids, bird-of-paradise, roses, heliconia, stargazers and lilies. These flowers will match the formal wear of your guests on that evening. Moreover, these flowers are absolutely best for 18th birthday parties. If there is a need for bouquets for wedding proposal, you can also order them to prepare some.

Food is another important part of any party. You can ask your florists to help you make a simple flower arrangement on the plates that your guests are going to use in order to inspire good appetite. Cakes are just some of the treats that your guests will expect to eat. Did you know that you can decorate a cake with real flowers? The best flowers for this are the edible ones. If you wish to make this happen, all you need to do is to tell your professional team of florists. They will give you ideas about adorning your cakes with real blossoms and suggest the perfect edible flowers as well.

It is always best to tell your team of florists about your plans so that their floral designs would highly complement your party ideas. This way, you can prevent the rest of the decoration clashing with their floral arrangements. Some mistakes that a first time party organizer do is not sharing their party plans to the florists that they hire. Because of this, the resulting decoration is composed of conflicting designs. The first thing that the guests will see is the flower arrangement. In order to avoid facing this scenario, always make sure that the florists have a general idea about the overall decoration design of the party.

If you are going to host a party in and around California, the best flower shop that will provide you the best flowers is the ‘Miracle Flowers’. We have the best team of professional florists that are always ready to serve you. If you have a specific floral design that you wish to create, you can contact our team to help you out. By talking to our florists, you will know how much you will need in order to make your plans possible. If you are too busy preparing for your party, you can rely on our delivery team. Just tell us exactly what you need and we guarantee you a satisfactory service that you will never hope to find elsewhere.

The Secrets of Prolonging the Life of your Cut Flowers Revealed

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Flowers, just like any other creatures on earth, need attention, care and support. Just like animals and humans, plants, particularly flowers can be injured as well. Placing them carelessly will definitely provide you a limited satisfaction however, by taking good care of them; you will be able to enjoy its presence for a maximum of 2 weeks. Other people can only prolong the life of their flowers and maintain the beautiful arrangement for a long time because they act immediately whenever the flowers are showing signs of degeneration. The only question is “how should you do it”.


The Secret to Prolonging the Life of your Cut Flowers Revealed The Secrets of Prolonging the Life of your Cut Flowers Revealed

The Secret to Prolonging the Life of your Cut Flowers Revealed


Fortunately, you don’t need to become a scientist or a researcher in order to provide the ideal environment to your wilting flowers. Here are some things that you should learn in order to maximize your flowers’ life in your vase.

Why is it so Important to Preserve the Life of Your Flowers?

When flowers are still attached to its parent plant, it can get the necessary nutrients whenever it needs nourishment from the ground through its roots. However, when the flower is cut from its stem, the absorption of nutrients is effectively stopped. The nutrients will now pass through the stem and not through the roots, which can be bad to the flowers. When flowers are taken away from the parent plant, it releases a fluid that is mixed into the water in the vase which can be absorbed back through the stem. You should know that cut flowers cannot regulate its absorption capacity since it was taken away from its parent plant. Because of this, no matter how much you put water in your vase, the flowers would still wilt and die later on.

The main purpose of learning to prolong the life of flowers is to extend its life on the vase or in some instances, while being placed in bouquets or baskets. There are many things that can affect the life of flowers. First is the weather or temperature. Sudden changes in temperature affect the life of flowers. If you live in a warm area, always make sure that the flowers have enough water in order to maintain its moisture. If the flowers lose its moisture, it will easily wilt in a matter of hours.

The condition of the vase water is also another crucial factor in the survival of flowers away from its parent plant. As mentioned earlier, flowers can secrete fluids on the vase that can be absorbed back through the stem. In order to prevent this, always make sure that you regularly change the water in the vase. This way, you can stop your precious flowers from poisoning itself. Some people mix a cube of sugar in the water before placing it in the flower vase. You can also do it most especially during the end of the first week.

If the leaves or petals are beginning to wilt, remove them as soon as possible. Rotten leaves and petals produce the poison that could shorten the life of the flowers. By removing the wilted parts immediately, it could prevent the degeneration of other parts of your flower arrangement.

Big No-no’s

Do not spray water on the petals of your flowers in order to make it look fresh. The water that you’ll spray on your flowers will only encourage the growth of fungi which will hasten its decay. Another thing that you should not do is to place your flower vase on a section of your house where it receives direct sunlight. Because the flowers are not connected with the parent plant’s roots anymore, it will lose its moisture quickly. Finally, do not place flowers near fruits. Fruits and flowers alike release ethylene; placing them side by side will encourage mutual poisoning.

In conclusion, knowing how to extend the life of your flowers is very beneficial. First, it can save you a lot of money because you won’t need to purchase flowers every 4 days. You can easily attend to the flowers’ needs. If you have a home garden on the other hand, you have the advantage of keeping the flowers fresh and place them immediately on a vase. However, if you have purchased the flowers from the flower shop or it was delivered to your place, there is a possibility that it lost some of its moisture along the way. In some instances, flowers can be left aside inside the car for a certain period of time. Place the flowers in a vase at once to stop further loss of moisture and fragrance.

5 Interesting Stuff About Roses That You Need to Know Before you Die

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Roses are some of the interesting ornamental flowers surrounded by a rich history. Roses are fragrant flowers that are used as ingredients in mixing perfume flavors. In addition, this flower is also widely known as a cut flower. This flower is used as basic imagery for songs and literature; it has been a helpful inspiration for artists, poets and architects all over the world. In addition, this flower is a very popular flower gift used for declaration of love to a particular person, specifically a woman. It can also become a wonderful decoration in any corner of your home.


5 Interesting Stuff About Roses That You Need to Know Before you Die 1024x768 5 Interesting Stuff About Roses That You Need to Know Before you Die

5 Interesting Stuff About Roses That You Need to Know Before you Die


Most people love to grow roses because this is a lovely flower and easy to grow. Basically, you don’t need a gardening experience in order to successfully grow it in your garden. All you need to do is to select the perfect space in your backyard for your roses. The perfect spot in your garden is where the roses will get at least 6 hours of sunlight. Always make sure that the roses will get regular watering. You can also plant it in a clay pot if you wish to give it away as a gift to your friends, relatives and family members.

Here are some cool things about roses that you need to know.

  1. The Rose. This flower is usually used as a cut flower in many parts of the globe. According to research, roses have originated in Asia, although some of the variety came from Europe and the United States. There are many varieties of roses. They have various sizes and colours and are extremely famous all over the world.
  2. Uses in perfume. This flower is normally used as a main ingredient in many perfumes. The petals of roses are distilled to produce an oil or attar. The fragrant oil is then made into perfume. The rose water, a by-product of the distillation procedure, is normally used for scented cosmetics such as lipsticks or make-ups.
  3. Uses In food and medicine. Different countries all over the globe have used rose products as food or medicine. Rose water is used in Asia and the Middle East as a main ingredient in many food dishes. The rose syrup on the other hand, are made from rose petals, is often used for scones and marshmallows in some Western countries. The rose hips are a very good source of vitamin C which is then used in medicine.  The fruit or hips of the rose are usually turned into tea that can be taken orally. Other parts of roses can be used to treat or manage cancer and stomach problems.
  4. Uses in literature and music. The rose is a famous symbol that is used in literature. This flower has been in many known stories beginning from the middle ages to symbolize love. The famous playwright William Shakespeare made the common phrase in one of his works, ‘a rose by any other name would still smell as sweet’. Moreover, roses have been used by well-regarded poets like Robbie Burns and Yeats. In music, the lyrics ‘Goodbye England’s Rose’ is a powerful symbol used by Sir Elton John in his tribute song to Princess Diana entitled “Candle in the Wind”. Finally, this flower is also featured on the sad story of Oscar Wilde entitled the ‘Nightingale and the Rose’.
  5. Uses in Iconography. This flower is customarily considered as the “flower of love”. Roses have been used since the olden Ages to symbolize passion and love. In Roman and Greek mythologies, this flower was used as a symbol of Aphrodite and Venus, the goddesses of love. However, in Christian iconography, this flower is usually connected with Christian martyrs. The rose’s five petals are believed to represent Christ’s five wounds.

Indeed, the rose has plenty of uses. It has been used as a symbol of love in many cultures around planet and its powerful imagery that spreads through literature, arts and music. Aside from being a decorative plant, this fragrant flower has also amazing uses as a superb ingredient in cookery, as well as medicine. It is an attractive flower with a sensuous fragrance and sensitive petals. Roses will definitely remain a magnificent part of world culture for a very long time.

What is the Best Time to Pick Flowers?

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If you have a home garden full of flowering plants, this is a perfect opportunity to save plenty of money because you won’t have to spend a single cent to buy your friends, loved ones, relatives or family a gift of flowers. You can also supply your home a beautiful and fragrant flowers to brighten up your day or highlight a particular happy mood. However, before you pick your flowers to place them on a vase, you need to consider the perfect time to do so in order to maximize the life of each bloom.


 What is the Best Time to Pick Flowers?

What is the Best Time to Pick Flowers?


As a gardener, you should know about the ideal time to get the flowers that you need. This way, you can be sure that the flowers are fresh all day. There are times that a flower withers ahead of its time because it was not carefully picked. The most important thing that a flower needs is moisture; without it, the flowers will easily lose its beauty and fragrance.

When Should You Pick Your Flowers in Your Garden?

As mentioned earlier, moisture is a vital thing for flowers that enables it to maintain its freshness and fragrance. When picking flowers, you should make it a habit to do it on a specific time of the day.

Here are the best times of the day ideal for picking flowers:

  • Morning. This is the time wherein flowers have fully rested and absorbed enough moisture from the ground through the plant’s roots.
  • Evening. If you are not amenable in the day, you can also do it during evening because the flowers won’t be wilted easily.


Avoid picking flowers in the middle of the day, especially in the afternoon. This is the time of the day wherein the sun is at its peak, making it very difficult for flowers and plant to maintain its moisture. After picking flowers, place it immediately on a vase with water and sugar in order to prolong its life. If you are going to sell the flowers, store it in a cold place first. Some of the flowers are placed in a cooling facility i.e. fridge so that the moisture will be locked away. It can also prepare the flowers for travel especially if it is going to be delivered.

The exception to this rule is during cloudy days. You can pick your flowers anytime of the day because the sun is hidden behind the clouds making it easy for the flowers to retain their freshness and fragrance.

Pick or Cut – What’s the Difference?

Now, if you have a home garden full of flowering plants, the next question that you should ask yourself is “am I going to pick or cut the flower stems?” This simple question is very essential especially if you want to harvest more flowers in the same plant for a very long time.

There are flowers that can be taken away from its parent plant just by snipping it on the stem using your hands. Similarly, there are flowers that can only be harvested using tools such as scissors or garden snips. Picking flowers using your hands on thick-stemmed flowers may affect the parent plant’s capability to produce more flowers in the future. In order to avoid this scenario, it is always best to cut it away using sharp scissors or garden snips.

Some flowers can only be picked when they have reached a certain appearance. Here are some examples:

  • Marguerites, dahlias and daisies. These flowers should be picked when they are about to bloom. If the petals are covered with pollen, don’t pick it anymore.
  • Daffodils. Pick this while the buds are tight.
  • Peonies. Pick it when the petals have just opened.
  • Poppies. Pick this flower when the buds are about to bloom.
  • Chrysanthemum. Harvest this when the flowers are fully blossomed.


Harvesting these flowers on certain appearance will prolong its life whether placed on a vase directly from your garden or if it is going to be transported for delivery.

By knowing these tips on picking flowers, you can ensure that your children who are joining you in harvesting blooms your home garden will not harm the flowering plants unnecessarily. This will also ensure the long life of the parent plants.

Edible Flowers, Anyone?

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These days, many first-class restaurant chefs and creative home cooks all over the world garnish their recipes with flower petals for a little touch of elegance. Their secret when using flowers on food is to make the dish as simple as possible. As simple as it may seem, they also warn not to put too many things or flavors that will overwhelm the subtle taste of the flower. This almost lost gastronomical art is enjoying a pleasant revival and demand nowadays.


Edible Flowers Anyone1 Edible Flowers, Anyone?

Edible Flowers, Anyone?


However, not all people can afford edible flowers. This is because these types of flowers are expensive, fragile and usually consumed the same day that they are picked. Day-old edible flowers lose some of its flavor and texture. If you wish to have a salad with a plenty of nasturtiums, guacamole with cilantro flowers and some mushrooms, the best way to get it is to grow them your own in order to ensure that you eat it fresh.

History of Edible Flowers

The culinary use of edible flowers can be traced back thousands of years. It was first mentioned in 140 B.C. Different cultures all over the globe have used flowers in their traditional foods and drinks.

Oriental recipes use daylily buds while the Romans utilized mallow, violets and roses. Hispanic and Italian cultures provided us their stuffed squash blooms and the Asian Indians uses rose petals in plenty of their recipes.

Chartreuse, a 17th century green liquor that was developed in France, uses petals of carnation as its main secret ingredient. Finally, the bitter dandelions were one of the herbs mentioned in the Bible’s Old Testament.


What are the Different Kinds of Flowers in my Home Garden that Can be Eaten?

Knowing which kinds of flowers are edible can surely help you separate the poisonous ones to those that are not. If you are fond of preparing or cooking food, it pays a lot to have knowledge of flowers that can be used to garnish specific types of recipes.

Here is a shortlist of edible flowers that can be found in your garden or your local flower shops:

  • Apple
  • Basil
  • Carnation
  • Chamomile
  • Citrus
  • Clover
  • Coriander
  • Dandelions
  • Dill
  • English Daisies
  • Gardenia
  • Hibiscus
  • Lavender
  • Lilac
  • Marjoram
  • Mint
  • Pansy
  • Sunflower
  • Tuberous Begonia

What are the Benefits of Growing Edible Flowers in your Garden?

Growing these flowers in your home garden can benefit you in more ways. First, because these edible flowers are expensive, you can save plenty of money if you wish to use it in your salad. If you have an abundant supply of these edible flowers, you can just pick them in your garden and eat it right away. If you want to earn extra money, you can sell these flowers at a good price.

Next, if you are not using these flowers as ingredient to your food, you can always use them as decoration to your home. Placing them in beautiful vases will surely add elegance to any corner of your house. You can also place these delicious flowers in your dining table together with fruits and vegetables to inspire appetite to your family. These flowers can also add beauty to your property. Finally, you can use these flowers as gift to your loved ones, friends, relatives or family member during important occasions to tell them that you remember them.

You should be warned that not all flowers are safe to eat especially if unprocessed. In addition, if you are going to grow edible flowers in your garden, make sure that you don’t use pesticides to prevent poisoning. These flowers should be eaten with moderation only. Some of these flowers, especially apple contains cyanide and too much consumption can lead to cyanide poisoning. Also, when eating edible flowers, make sure that you rinse it properly in order to remove any lingering pesticides on the petals. Finally, do not make eating edible flowers a habit; too much of a good thing can also kill you. If you are not sure if a certain flower is edible or not, it would be best not to eat it in order to prevent poisoning yourself.


Why Men Give Flowers To Women

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By Consolacion S Miravite

Historical Facts About The Giving of Flowers

The language of communicating with flowers or floriography, dates back to hundred of years as a way for people connect to with each other. The Greeks in particular, regarded it in such high esteem that they associated the existence of flowers with their gods.

The giving of flowers became preponderant during the Middle Ages. Its significance increased during the early 1700′s when the English and French, saw the different variants of flowers – while visiting Turkey. The language of flowers associated with each variant, created a meaning to every type of flower.

In the Victorian era, people did not openly express their emotions to others. They contain it among themselves and show their of concern are done with a tight upper lip. However, they found the giving of flowers as an acceptable expression of emotion. Great effort made to the minutest details in giving of flowers. The color, size, position, placement, and presentation would connote a message or meaning on how it was given.

In the Victorian era, flowers served as codes for both giver and recipient. But no single decoder was found on that era that would connote an exact interpretation on the giving of flowers. What these portends to show is that each giver and receiver would have different meaning attached to each gesture.

The giving of flowers today, still continues to evolve. It used to be farfetched then, for a man to receive flowers. Now, such a practice is no longer extra-ordinary. Flowers can also be delivered either virtually, or real by online florist, anywhere in the world. Advances in technology had made it possible for all types of flowers to be available all year round. Though most people now would no know the old – fashioned meaning in the of giving flowers, many people still accept it as a form of showing sentiments from the giver to the receiver.

Why Men Give Flowers To Women

This is an old practice that is carried out into the present, when men shows his good intentions to the woman who he is eyeing on. It shows that he is interested in you; or if you have been dating for quite sometime, would mean that he loves and appreciates you. Giving of flowers would tend to show the following:

* To show good impression. On a first date, it would help the guy show his good intentions towards you. It might look old fashioned, but the giving of flowers would help the guy make a good first impression on the initial stages. Nevertheless, it would be well advised not to give red roses, that is reserved for expressing love, on the first date. Choice of flowers in various hues may be given, in lieu of red roses.

* To show expression of interest. The giving of flowers would help a guy who is normally shy, to express his interest towards you. Flowers can be given in various times like – birthdays, anniversaries, love, or to merely communicate that you are what he thinks about each day. The giving of flowers at this stage, should be accompanied by a hand written note to let you know of his thoughts. You should not be left guessing as to the reason why the flowers were given, in the first place.

* Giving as a tradition. The giving of flowers would also connote appreciation or remembrance. You may receive a corsage or bouquet in theater performances or in formal dance, wherein the giving of flowers forms part of tradition for such events Flowers are also used to commemorate holidays, like Mothers Day.

*For non-romantic settings. The giving of flowers can be done during special days or events like graduation and Mother’s Day. It may also be given as a show of professional accomplishment by women, and acknowledged by male counterparts in the same profession. To show that the flowers are not taken the wrong way, men should include an accompanying note to the receiver like – “Congratulations, for passing the board!” Also choose flowers that has no romantic significance, like dandelions, daisies, sunflowers and other whimsical flowers in various colors and hues.

Consolacion S. Miravite is a Certified Public Accountant by profession. She does free-lance writing and blogging in various niches. Her other interest include: real estate brokerage, farming, small business and the academe. She has done around 300 articles on topics ranging from – tourism, e-marketing, finance, accounting, engineering, relationships, and religion, among others.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Consolacion_S_Miravite


Is It Possible to Grow Orchids in your Home Garden?

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Most people dream of growing flowering plants in their garden. They may be inspired by their friends or neighbors or they just simply want to brighten up their backyard. Some of these people are successful in their gardening aspirations while some are not. What you must know is that not all flowers can be grown in controlled conditions. One of these flowers is the orchids. If you are one of those people who failed to make your orchids produce flowers, here are some tips that you can use.


Is It Possible to Have Home Grown Orchids1 Is It Possible to Grow Orchids in your Home Garden?

Is It Possible to Grow Orchids in your Home Garden


Orchids are some of the flowers that are very hard to grow. Most of the sub-species of orchids only grow in the wild. Some of it blooms and reproduces only on a certain mountain the world. However, after careful observations and experimentations, horticulturists and flower enthusiasts have come up with a method to grow some of these orchids in home gardens.

How to Grow Orchids in your Backyard or Home Garden?

There are plenty of options available to amateur gardeners to successfully grow orchids. These are:

  • growing it from seed and;
  • growing it from a live plant


Knowing these two crucial steps could save you plenty of time because you could prevent doing useless things.

Growing orchids from seed. Unlike other plants, the seed of orchids are relatively the same size of dust, making it hard to see and hold using your hands. Moreover, the seed of an orchid doesn’t hold its own nutrition, making its survival difficult without the help of a special fungus called mycorrhizal. Without this special fungus, you cannot hope to grow orchids in your home garden.

The fungus helps the seed of an orchid grow – develop its roots and leaves until it can produce its own food. The seed must be sown around the parent plant in order to acquire the fungus that will help you grow the seeds. Place the seeds onto the same spot where its parent plant is and carefully observe it until the seeds sprout leaves. Once it displayed its own leaves, this means that you have successfully grown one. Transfer it in another bark and let it grow there.

Growing orchids from live plant. Some people take a live orchid plant from the mountains and nurture in their home garden. This can be done by attaching the live plant on a huge piece of driftwood. In due time, the roots will find its way on the driftwood where it will get its nutrition. Be reminded that while the roots are not yet connected to the driftwood, the plant should be regularly watered to prevent dehydration. Once it has connected its roots to the driftwood, it can continue its normal way of producing its own food.

What are the Benefits of Growing Orchids in your Home Garden?

There are many advantages that you can get from growing orchids in your home garden. One of these benefits is that you can sell it in your local flower shop or to those who badly need it during important occasions. As mentioned in the previous entries, orchids are one of the best flowers that you can use during formal events such as wedding, prom, homecoming or office events.

Another advantage of growing orchids in your home garden is that it offers odor-free environment. Unlike other plants that depend on smelly organic fertilizer to get nutrients, orchids cling strongly on driftwood or tree bark to survive. You don’t need to use fertilizer to ensure that your orchids get right nutrients it needs.

Things that You Need to Remember

Orchids grow and bloom in certain conditions. This is the reason why some gardeners dedicate a special garden for this kind of plant. By doing this, they possess a complete control on their garden’s lighting conditions, temperature and in some instance the terrain where the orchids should grow.

The question that you need to ask yourself is “would I really want to grow orchids in my garden?” It takes plenty of effort to maintain orchids. Moreover, orchids do not produce flowers are often as other plants. Depending on the sub-species of orchids, it takes 6 to 12 months for an orchid flower to bloom. If you do not have the patience to wait for it to bloom, this is definitely not the right plant for you. However, if gardening is your real passion, you can easily grow orchids as long as you follow the requirements.

The Magic of Flowers

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Flowers are amazing part of nature. They are closely connected with our lives. We use flowers to decorate beautiful moments of life. Flowers signify beauty, joy and happiness. We can’t imagine life without flowers. Different flowers have different symbols. Flowers have the power to change our mood and feelings. Research says that flowers and happiness are linked with each other. They can enhance our satisfaction and skills. They have healing properties. Flowers give pleasant experience and refreshment to the mind and body. They will not only give an elegant look to the place but also generate an aesthetic sense. They have power to cheer emotions and can make our life joyful.

Colours of flowers

  • Red: red symbolises love, desire, beauty, lust and passion. It also signifies heat, strength, fire.
  • Pink: It represents interest, grace, gentility and happiness
  • Orange: Orange signifies excitement, exuberance and enthusiasm.
  • Yellow: Yellow denotes friendship, joy, light-heartedness and smile.
  • Purple: It is a colour of royalty, pride, success.
  • Lavender: It signifies royalty, exuberance and tenderness
  • Blue: It indicates dignity, calm and serenity
  • White: White symbolizes purity and innocence.
  • Green: It indicates good luck related to harmony and stability.


Birthday flowers: Flowers colours also indicate the month that you are born.

  • January flower colour: White
  • February  flower colour: Violet
  • March flower colour: Yellow
  • April flower colour: Pink
  • May flower colour: white
  • June flower colour: red
  • July flower colour: pink
  • August flower colour: Yellow
  • September flower colour: purple
  • October flower colour: orange
  • November flower colour: Yellow
  • December flower colour: White


Different flowers and their meaning:

  • Alstroemeria: This flower represents wealth, prosperity and fortune. It is well-known as the flower of friendship.
  • Amaryllis: This flower indicates splendid beauty. It shows the value beyond beauty.
  • Anemone: This flower represents both sad and happy nature. On a positive note it indicates anticipation and on a negative note it represents fading hope.
  • Anthurium: It symbolizes hospitality. This flower indicates happiness and abundance.
  • Aster: It stands as a symbol of patience, love, elegance and daintiness.
  • Bird of Paradise: This flower signifies happiness, magnificence, anticipation.
  • Bouvardia: It represents enthusiasm, enthusiasm for life.
  • Calla Lily: It is a symbol of magnificence and beauty. It shows purity and innocence and is a perfect wedding flower.
  • Carnation: It represents pride and beauty. Red carnation for love, pink for love, yellow for disdain and so on.
  • Chrysanthemum: It shows joy, optimism and fidelity. This flower is available in a wide variety of colours. Red signifies love, white for truth, Yellow chrysanthemum for love.
  • Daffodil: It represents chivalry. It signifies rebirth, new start and an everlasting life.
  • Daisy: Daisy is the wonderful flower which indicates innocence. It is used to express cheerfulness.
  • Delphinium: Delphinium a hybrid flower which represents big heart, fun, lightness. Gift the flower to one who is closely attached to your life.

Apart from that there are different flowers like Freesia, Gardenia, Gerbera, Iris, Larkspur, Lily and so on. Give these flowers to your loved ones on special occasions and make them happy!

Author Bio: Lucy loves flowers. Her favourite flowers are white roses. She works at PPI reclaim at the moment. You call follow her @financeport

What are the Top 10 Summer Season Flowers?

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Summer is fast approaching once again and the demand for summer flowers is increasing. In this time of the year, more people purchase flowers to give it to their loved ones as a gift. Summer is also the best time to get married therefore orders for wedding bouquets and baskets pile up from left and right. If you have a friend, relative, family member or special someone who’s going to celebrate their birthday or any kind of event this summer, the best gift that you can give them are flowers that bloom in this season.


Summer Season Flowers What are the Top 10 Summer Season Flowers?

Summer Season Flowers


Since not all flowers can bloom all year, you need to know the best ones that you can purchase during this season. If you are looking for the best summer flowers that you can offer to your loved ones, here is a shortlist of top 10 summer season blooms that you can purchase in your local flower shop personally or order online.

  1. Carnation. This flower is one of the most popular choices among florists. This is commonly used in corsages, boutonnieres and other formal floral arrangements. It is widely believed that this flower was the first ones to grow and blossomed on Earth. A legend of Christian origin relates that this flower sprung from the ground where the Virgin Mary’s tear dropped. Pink carnation signifies motherly love and devotion.
  2. Chrysanthemum. This flower blooms in different shapes and sizes. This is also primarily used in buttons and pompons. This flower originated from Europe, South Africa and Asia. Did you know that Chrysanthemum has around 200 species? This flower also goes with different names such as daisies, spiders and pompons? You will see different colors of Chrysanthemum such as yellow, pink, orange, red and purple.
  3. Lilac. This flower is known for its fragrance and beauty. Just like Chrysanthemum, this flower originated from Europe and Asia. This flower blooms for 3 to 7 days making any part of the room it was placed fragrant.
  4. Jasmine. Known for its unique and remarkable fragrance, this flower is famous not only in the United States but also all over the world. There are 200 species of jasmine. This flower grows in the tropical forests of Africa and Asia and some parts of Europe. These blossoms are usually part of garments of women in Asia. Because of its attractive fragrance, many perfumes are based on this lovely flower.
  5. American Persimmon. The American persimmon comes from a flowering tree that grows up to 20 meters. The flower possesses a bell-like yellowish appearance and unique fragrance. The tree may flower regularly but it can only produce the fruit every 6 years. The sweet-tasting fruit, just like the flower, is very popular because it can be eaten.
  6. Bird of paradise. This flower, also known as Strelitzia, is a flower that is famous because of its appearance. The flowers bloom individually and resemble a bird in flight. This flower is very famous among gardeners because it can be easily grown in backyards. In addition, this flower can be purchased at any time of the year. It can be bought in yellow, blue, white and orange colors. The vase life of bird of paradise is about 1 to 2 weeks. This flower can survive at any temperature under 45 F.
  7. Orchids. This flower has the most diverse sub-species. Orchids are primarily used in decorating and highlighting formal events such as wedding, prom, homecoming and office events. This blossom means love, luxury and elegance. The Ancient Greeks used this flower to signify manliness.
  8. Peony. One of the most favorite garden blooms, this flower is the official flower of the state of Louisiana. It has a very distinct aroma and known for its large and bright petals. Peony originated from North America, Asia and Europe. The colors of this flower ranges from white to very bright pink.
  9. Calla lily. This flower is one of the uncommon plants that can make your home or garden elegant. These blooms are usually seen on weddings and other formal events. Moreover, this is also used in boutonnieres and corsages. Originated from South Africa, this flower can be seen in different colors such as red, ivory, mauve-pink and golden yellow.
  10. Cosmos. Cosmos was named by a Spanish priest who found it in his gardens in Mexico. This flower can be seen in many shades of colors and very famous plant that can be easily grown in your garden.

Now that you have an idea on what flowers you should purchase this summer, you can easily plan ahead and decide when to give it. Contact us today so that we could reserve you these flowers on the date that you need one!

Crazy Tips That You’ll Need to Grow Flowers in Your Garden

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Planting flowers in your garden is not something that should be done carelessly. There are many factors that you should consider in order to come up with a decent flower garden. Many people who have tried gardening have seen their efforts ended up in failure because they did not see their mistakes. Just like any other activity, it needs planning and careful execution so that you’ll see your hard work end up in success. You also need to remember that just because the same flowering plant grows and blossoms in your neighbor’s garden doesn’t mean that it will also grow in yours.


Crazy Tips That You’ll Need to Grow Flowers in Your Garden Crazy Tips That You’ll Need to Grow Flowers in Your Garden

Crazy Tips That You’ll Need to Grow Flowers in Your Garden


If you are fascinated with flowers and you wish to grow them to add beauty in your property, you need to closely follow these tips in order to prevent wasted efforts and resources. It will also be better if you have a clear mental picture of your garden and the arrangement of the plants on one part of your garden to another.

Here are some crazy tips that you need to know in successfully growing flowering garden plants:

Selecting the Proper Plants for Your Flower Garden

The very first requirement to achieving the most beautiful flower garden is selecting the best flower plants. There are literally thousands of species of flowers that you can choose from. You may pick the ones that you are familiar with or prefer to grow exotic ones. If you have identified which type of flowers you would like to grow, you can begin planting it.

Select from an assortment of plants to make a group rather than purchasing them separately and hoping that they will blend well together. Most successful gardeners have prepared these:

  • foundation plants of shrubs and trees
  • ground cover
  • other perennials, vines and annuals


These will ensure that your flower garden creates a niche that is not only pleasing to the eyes but also promote healthy pollination among the plants.

For some reasons, not all flowers can blossom in a pot or garden soil. This is particularly true if the weather in your area is too hot or too cold. Plants are also sensitive creatures that don’t respond well to sudden changes in temperature. Choose plants that don’t easily die in harsh changes in temperatures. Examples of which are black-eyed susan, purple coneflower, purple-leaved black tongue and blue speedwell, calla lilies, peonies and and pansy.

Planting Requirements

Here are some of the things that your flower garden needs to have:

  1. Light requirements. Plants make their own food and one of the ingredients they need for that is right amount of sunlight. You garden must be able to accommodate enough sunlight so that your flowering plants would grow properly. Here are the light requirements that your plants should meet in order to have a blooming flower garden:
  • Full sun. This means that a specific garden plant needs 6 or more hours of direct sunlight every day. Place them where there is enough sunlight all day long.
  • Partial shade. These plants survive on 3 up to 6 hours of sunshine every day. Place these plants next to a tree or a tall structure so that its shadow would protect the plant after it had enough sunlight for the day.
  • Shade. These plants can manufacture their own food even without direct contact to sunlight. You can even place these plants inside your home.


  1. Water supply. Plants need water to survive however; there are plants that don’t need frequent watering. If your place has an abundant source of water, then you can plant flowers that need more water.
  2. Time for planting. Plants also need the right season so that they won’t have difficulty surviving harsh weather conditions. For instance, most gardeners like to plant during spring season because the survival rate increases up to 100%. Avoid planting during winter season because sunlight is very rare.
  3. Size of the plants. Plants grow in different ways – most flowering plants grow sideways while some grow upwards. In order to give maximize their flowering capacity; make sure that you give them enough space in your garden so that they could get enough food.


Planting flowering plants is a rewarding experience especially if you have prepared your garden very well. The flowers that you’ll harvest can be used to decorate your own home or can be sold to your local flower shop. All it takes is some patience and a dose of research to ensure your plants’ longevity.