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The Blooming Secrets of Jasmine Exposed

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Jasmine is a tropical flowering plant that produces a very fragrant bloom. To be exact, this flower grows from a shrub. The flowers are used in different products that you’ll see in the market these days such as perfume, cosmetics, herbal medicine and in some instances, food. You may rarely see this flower included in your regular bouquet or basket of flowers but this irresistible and attractive blossom can also be used to decorate any part of your home. The alluring scent can also be used to freshen up your room as well.


The Blooming Secrets of Jasmine Exposed1 The Blooming Secrets of Jasmine Exposed

The Blooming Secrets of Jasmine Exposed


If you love jasmine, here are some interesting facts that you need to know about different uses of this aromatic flower:

Jasmine in Flower Festival Celebrations

Flower celebrations are not complete without exhibiting the beautiful and fragrant jasmine. You will see some gardeners parading their bountiful harvest of jasmines. Most people usually attend flower festivals and garden shows to see or purchase a shrub to plant it in their own home garden.

In some traditions all over the world, they use jasmines together with other flowers to decorate altars, shrines and other important religious items.

Jasmine as an Herbal Remedy

Centuries ago, the Chinese used to extract this flower in order to make it as a scenting agent to their tea. In order to treat illnesses, the Chinese used herbs and flowers to make medicine as well. They believed that the tea is a form of remedy that can fight against sicknesses. This can treat fever, urinary tract infection and other infections. The ancient Chinese mix green tea and jasmine together. The green tea will then integrate the scent of jasmine in order to make it more appealing.

The tea mixed with jasmine is also used as their favorite pastime drink. In addition, this flower has cooling effect; making it a perfect drink during summer season. This is also used as a calming drink, given to those who are feeling tense or nervous. Jasmine is also used as an ingredient in some Chinese food.

The leaves and roots of Jasmine are used to treat ringworms and tapeworms. The roots are particularly helpful in treating paralysis, chronic constipation, dysmenorrhoea, giddiness and skin diseases.

Jasmine in Cosmetics and Other Products

Because of the sweet-smelling scent of jasmine, it is used as an ingredient in manufacturing different kinds of soaps, perfumes, cosmetics and fabric conditioners. This flower surely is fragrant however; one would need many petals of this flower in order to capture its fragrance. The ancient Chinese believed that the Jasmine oil should be collected at night where the flowers’ scent is at its strongest.

Jasmine is found to be a very good agent in revitalizing the skin. This is why hundreds of companies have produced lotions and other skin care products that promises to rejuvenate skin. This flower can remove the skin’s dryness, greasiness and itchiness. Moreover, jasmine is a perfect element in keeping the hair smooth and healthy.

Jasmine in Aroma Therapy

This flower’s scent is also useful in helping the mind focus. Jasmine is a very effective tool in increasing the mind’s concentration. People who wish to concentrate on their thoughts should smell this flower to relax their mind. This is particularly advantageous to those who are formulating plans or making major plans in their life. Moreover, the scent is used by therapists to overcome a person’s depression.

Planting Jasmine in your Home Garden

Planting this fragrant tropical flower in your garden is very easy. All you need to do is to have a shrub and plant it on a spot in your garden where it will receive 4 to 6 hours of direct sunlight. If you wish to plant this flowering shrub, make sure that you remove it on the pot so that it would grow tall and wide to produce more flowers.

Other Uses of Jasmine

Jasmine can be used as a decorative plant inside your home. In some events, such as Luau parties, this flower can be used to decorate the venue and as a necklace that the beautiful and flaming hot dancing Hula girls can wear. If you have kids who love flowers, you can decorate their ears with one or two blossoms.


Floral Arrangements for your Dining Table

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The dining table is another part of your kitchen that should always be neat, clean and attractive as much as possible. This is where you and your family and friends eat together, share nice stories and spend some time in late hours of the night. In order to make your dining room pleasant to the eyes and inspire appetite, decorating it is definitely a must. There are different ways you can make your dining table interesting and attractive. One of the things that you can do is to decorate your dining table with fresh and fragrant flowers at all times.


Floral Arrangements for your Dining Table Floral Arrangements for your Dining Table

Floral Arrangements for your Dining Table


When decorating your kitchen, you can make the bouquet or basket of flowers that you purchased, received or picked in your own home garden as part of your dining room decoration. The first method that you can use is by putting it in a flower vase or an attractive container with enough water. You can place the flower vase in the middle of your dining table or place it somewhere you can easily see. Placing flowers in this particular area of the house can invite a good mood that can turn into a good appetite, especially if the whole family is going to eat together. If you don’t have a good flower vase, you can make your own anytime.

Next, you can place flowers in your dining items such as plates, food trays and punch bowls. Some of the examples of edible flowers that you can place in your dining area are daisies, carnation, basil, chamomile, gardenia, lavender, lilac, marjoram, mint and pansy. You can find these flowers in your garden or in your local flower shop. These flowers can be turned into food if you or your family is vegetarian. However, make double check that the flowers that you place in your table are really edible so that you could prevent poisoning.

Another method that you can use is enlisting the help of a florist. There are many flower shops here in California that you can ask for help. One of these flowers shops is in Folsom and it is called ‘Miracle Flowers’. If you have no idea about arranging flowers, you can ask these florists for their professional help. Of course, you will need to pay extra for it. However, by doing so, you can make sure that the flowers are properly arranged and fresh. If you have a limited budget on the other hand, you can ask for your friend’s or your family’s help to come up with a fresh and original floral arrangement design to make your dining area’s atmosphere fresh, vibrant and appetite-inspiring.

If you are going to decorate your dining room with flowers, you need to avoid placing the blooms and fruits side by side or in most cases, in one container. This is because once fruits and flowers are cut away from their parent plants they release a special toxin which can become a poison and cause harm to anyone who eats it. The same thing goes with dried petals and leaves and the water inside the flower vase. The toxins released by the flowers’ stems are mixed in the water. Make sure that you regularly change the water to prevent the flowers and fruits poisoning one another. If you have a home garden, pick the flowers that you need during early morning or during sunset in order to make sure that the blooms are absolutely fresh.

Need some flowers to decorate your dining room or any part of your home? We have the best flowers that you need here in Miracle Flowers! If you have decided to order flowers for your dining table, we have a wide variety of flowers that can help you make that part of your home pleasant to the eyes. Our fresh supply of flowers can definitely lighten up the mood in any part of your house. Just tell us what you need and our team of professional florists will help you achieve your goal. You can either drop by in our shop here in Folsom, CA or you can order online through our website. Our delivery service is very efficient and timely. We also deliver flowers nationwide.

Call us today and we’ll deliver your order anytime and anywhere!

Floral Displays For an Anniversary Dinner

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You simply cannot perform without having some vintage adornments, Should you decide to make your dinner party an exciting success. Besides any delicious dinner, the feel of your party can be very important, so that your guests can have a good time participating in the supper. Stunning adornments impart a stylish character for the get together place and a satisfying atmosphere is vital, in order to build your party genuinely pleasant. Thus, keep reading and also realize a few amazing décor ideas to build your social gathering a memorable event. In addition any heavenly supper, the feel of your gathering could be exceptionally vital, for the purpose that your visitors can have an exceptional time taking an interest in the supper. Shocking embellishments give an in vogue character for the get together spot and a fulfilling climate is basic, to raise your gathering really pleasant. You basically can’t perform without having some vintage frills, Would it be advisable for you to choose to make your supper gathering an animating victory

How you can Enhance Anniversary Dinner party

Make use of Fancy Menu Cards  

You can keep a pricy private food selection credit card at each and every desk or even the environment, as opposed to saying reception menus for dinner. Food selection credit cards are employed from several wedding parties at stylish and elegant dinner get-togethers. It’s easy to create your very own menu card that can provide the visitors a reasonable notion of exactly what foods to expect within dinner. You can acquire 25 % web page stock associated with credit cards out of your neighborhood Stationery. Go for a shade that you will be making use of thoroughly to embellish the party venue, so your menus complement some other arrangements. Don’t make use of Black colored ink, when you have picked darker colored papers regarding printing the menu.

 Help to make floral arrangements

You can include beauty, type and magnificence in your supper party by redecorating the venue with blossoms. Create a huge flower centerpiece for your dining room table. You can also utilize it at the entrance of your home or perhaps meal place regarding the result. A floral display appears extremely elegant as well as models a welcoming mood for a tempting dinner. You may also acquire 5-6 little blossom of flowers and place them close to, so as to cover the entire room. Developing a style using vibrant roses would have been a good plan and can instantly brighten up the mood of one’s friends. Flower shades just like a melon, fuchsia and yellow-colored will even look good making a graceful assertion. It shows up amazingly stylish and in addition shows an inviting mindset for an alluring supper. You might additionally obtain 5-6 small bloom blossom vases and place them near, in order to blanket the whole room.

Wedding Flowers

Make a flower game plan consolidating the sorts of blooms from the couple’s wedding day. Assuming that the lady and bridesmaids conveyed distinctive sorts of blossoms, exchange vases of every blossom. To respect the 50th anniversary, buy yellow forms of the wedding blossoms, if conceivable, to review remembrances from the couple’s wedding and connoting

Use Candles

A dinner party without Candle arrangements can look unfinished. Put simply, wax lights are necessary to set the climate for any social gathering. They may be pretty inexpensive, but make for a few very stunning arrangements, whenever employed wonderfully, specifically in a night celebration. Candle alternatives are available in the range, depending on the location where the Candlestick is going to be put. Teas mild wax lights can look gorgeous along with votive holders. For any modish look, they could be added to any Java table or a mantle. When you have an extended dinner table, utilize blend wax lights for an enhanced and classy appear. Scented candle lights ought to be avoided since many people could be allergic to be able to fragrances.

 Choose a Themed Social gathering

Themed celebrations are extremely enjoyable by having a delicious meal to follow along with. You can go for enjoyable themes, for example haunted-house, Latin night time or any other theme of your preference, for the dinner party. Enhance your own get together location in line with the theme selected, setting the proper disposition for the celebration. You can even ask your guests to come dressed up in a way that matches the particular style. A themed supper party may cost an individual a bit more about the adornments, but you get together will end up absolutely nothing under memorable.

Make Her 18th Birthday Memorable Using Miracle Flowers!

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Do you know someone who’s going to celebrate her 18th birthday within or near the Folsom area? Why don’t you treat her with a gift of beautiful bouquet or basket of fresh and fragrant flowers from Miracle Flowers?


Make Her 18th Birthday Memorable Using Miracle Flowers Make Her 18th Birthday Memorable Using Miracle Flowers!

Make Her 18th Birthday Memorable Using Miracle Flowers!


The 18th birthday is the time when young people who are caught up between being a teenager become a full-fledged adult. During this stage they need complete attention to themselves. The way they dress, talk and even the way they walk becomes perfect in order to get the amount of recognition from the adults. Moreover, 18th birthday is the day when every aspect of one’s life becomes more legal. Once you turn 18, you can now be held responsible to your actions, exercise your right to vote and for some, finally enjoy the thrill of drinking and smoking without restrictions from the adults.The 18th birthday celebration usually involves singing, dancing and dining out with friends and family.

Celebrating a woman’s 18th birthday is not something that should be taken lightly. It should be marked with a jubilant observance using food, drinks and most especially gift of vibrant and fresh flowers. Normally, you can just order from your local flower shop, have it delivered to her doorstep and see the surprise on her face. However; you can make your gift more personal by combining her personal favorites into one bouquet or basket. You can also add other items on your gift such as stuffed toys, bottles of wine, movie or game tickets or something that could remind her how much you treasure her in your heart. If you think that you are too busy to personalize the gift, you can always seek the florist’s assistance anytime.

If you’re in a tight and modest budget, there are different options available to you to make your personalized gift of flowers. These days, most people choose this option because not only it is flexible but it can also give them more time to make the gift more interesting and meaningful to the recipient. Personalizing gift of flowers usually involve placing a meticulously-arranged assortment of flowers together such as roses, daisies, sunflowers, orchids and tulips in a basket or bouquet. You can save a lot if you know how to arrange flowers. The money that you are going to save can be used to purchase the debutante another gift such as her favorite book, clothes, accessories and even a box of chocolates. The possibilities are endless!

Organizing a birthday party for your friend is also another way to show your appreciation to her. You can set a time and place for a party for the celebrant. Decorate the whole place with flowers. If you are planning something like this, you can rely on our flower shop to provide you the best flowers that will make her birthday memorable. Compose a song or write poem or sweet messages from friends, classmates and family members commemorating the day she reaches the legal age. Your friends can also contribute by making a slideshow of her pictures that will be shown on a certain moment. You can also make a dance floor full of beautiful flowers. Just tell us what you and your friends need and we’ll surely be there for you.

If you know someone who’s going to celebrate her 18th birthday this month, don’t hesitate to end her a gift of beautiful, fresh and absolutely fragrant flowers. We have a reliable team of professional florists who are ready to process your orders as soon as they received them. Just inform us what you need on this special day and we’ll take care of it. Moreover, your order will be swiftly delivered to the address that you specify. If you just remembered your friend’s 18th birthday, we can also help you come up with a brilliant flower gift as soon as possible. We will also deliver it the same day that you ordered it. The celebrant lives outside California? No problem! We have an efficient and systematic delivery team that will deliver the flowers anywhere in the country.

Call us today and we’ll discuss your 18th birthday party needs! You can also order the flowers that you need here in our website.

How You Can Save On Your Wedding

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 How You Can Save On Your WeddingHow You Can Save On Your Wedding (via http://mysparetime.net)

There are a few days in your life which are more important than any other, and your wedding will be one of those. Your wedding day is a time that will stay in your memory forever. Because the wedding day is so important, planning the perfect one can be stressful and may be difficult. The tips in this…

Flowers for Luau Party

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Have you ever been to a Luau party? Are you planning to organize one for your friends, office mates or family? Read on to learn how you can make your own Luau party magnificent and memorable. 


Flowers for Luau Party Flowers for Luau Party

Flowers for Luau Party


What is a Luau Party?

A luau party is actually a feast of Hawaiian food. Luau parties can be thrown to celebrate birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, public holidays, graduations, proms, homecomings, baby showers or any event that can bring family members and friends together.

The difference of Luau to other parties is the use of colorful Aloha attire, Hawaiian music and dancing, and a grand feast that is traditionally made up of roast pork, rice, fresh fruits, sweet potatoes, Hawaiian drinks and most of all fresh, vibrant and fragrant flowers! You cannot call it a Luau party without one of these foods most especially the appealing sight and smell of flowers around.

What are the Best Flowers for a Luau Party?

One of the things that you will need in your Luau party are fresh and fragrant flowers. If you are going to organize a Luau party, the best flowers for this are the tropical ones. The island of Hawaii has plenty of tropical flowers therefore, it is only right to use the same blooms in your Luau party. As a matter of fact, there are at least 160 flowering plants in Hawaii, most of which are endemic or can only be found in the isolated island.

Here are some of the ideal flowers that you can purchase for your Luau party decoration:

  • Orchids. The Big Island of Hawaii is famously known as ‘The Orchid Isle’ because of the abundance of orchids in this area. Orchids are considered as the biggest family of flowering plants around the world, having an estimated number of 30,000 species. In Hawaii, orchids grow almost everywhere in various forms, people usually visit Hawaii to search for their preferred species to bring home.


  • Plumeria. Plumeria are flowering trees that can grow as tall as 40 ft. tall and as wide as 20 ft. The dark and thick branches of this flowering tree end in a bloom of color that highlights a bunch of green and shiny leaves that are normally pointy and rounded. The leaf clusters are designed with Plumeria blossoms that exist in different colors, most notably yellow and white accents in the middle. The Plumeria’s fragrance resembles a mixture of gardenia, jasmine, citrus and spices that is not comparable with any other flower species. These blooms are normally chosen and strung together to make leis for different uses such as Luau necklace.


  • Silversword. The Silversword is an endangered flowering plant that can only be found on the volcanic mountains of Maui and the Island of Hawaii. This flower was once a prevalent species found between 4,920 and 8,660 feet in elevation on Hualalai’s active volcanoes.  When pigs, goats and sheep were introduced in Hawaii, it has significantly impacted the Silversword’s population Because of this, the flowers can now only be found on the upper parts of Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea located on the Big Island and on Haleakala situated in Maui. The Silversword plants are shrubs with silver, dagger-like leaves that produce a rosette that reaches for up to 30 years before blooming. Once it flowers, the parent plant dies.


What is a Luau party without Hula girls? Instead of giving them artificial flower necklaces, you can provide them with real ones in order to make your Luau more fun! The party will become more enjoyable if the decoration is very similar to a real Hawaiian Luau party. Also, you can decorate the plates, the punch bowls and the tables with the flowers listed above to create the best Hawaiian effect.

If you are planning to have a Luau party in your area, the best flower shop that can provide you the perfect flowers for this occasion is the Miracle Flowers. Call us today and tell us your demands. We guarantee you that we’ll be there to attend to your request by providing you the best floral arrangements and the best price. Our team of florists will also provide you a sound advice about your Luau plans. We also do fast delivery service inside and even outside the State of California.



How You Can Set Up Your Own Business Arranging Flowers from Home

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How can you earn good money working from home on a flexible schedule?  Furthermore how can you work from home doing something that you love?  Starting a small business from home branching out from one of your hobbies is the answer.  Creating an enjoyable home based business is all about starting small doing something you have a passion for.

If you love arranging flowers why not start a part-time business from home? Lots of people have experience in this area without even thinking about it.  On many family occasions you will have had experience arranging flowers.  Examples include family parties, weddings or a birthday parties. People pay good money to have flower arrangements made up; it is a very lucrative market.

Why Arranging Flowers as a Business from Home?

Any person who is in love with flowers will know that you can create beautiful displays from next to nothing. It is a really profitable business if done right; the key is in the presentation. The florist business is always successful because flowers are in demand all year round. Occasions including funerals, birthdays, weddings, Mother’s day, Father’s day, Valentine’s Day sustain the industry during all seasons.

In addition to earning money, floral crafts are a source of stress relief for many individuals. It is both relaxing and refreshing to work with such fresh beautiful flowering plants.

What about Attending a Course:

You don’t need any specific degree or qualification for running a florist business. It is sometimes enough that you love flowers; but to gain specific knowledge of how to run a business in this area does wonders.  In the long run it will be beneficial for you and will save you any damages or losses that may occur from bad business practices.  It will also help you out to gain some handy business knowledge that can save you a lot of money in the long run.

The Best Selling Flowers:

According to different polls the best selling flowers are Chrysanthemums, Carnations, Roses, Lilies and Gerbera’s. However the popularity of these flowers also depends upon the weather.  While starting your own florist business you should keep this in mind. You should only grow the flowers that you can handle easily for the current season.

You should also have a variety of flowers and colors, so that when you create an arrangement, they have a beautiful appearance and add value to the buyer.

What you should Target:

If you attend a training course, you will learn how to make church flowers, sympathy flowers, funeral flowers, wedding flowers etc.  After learning about these occasional flowers, you will have a good knowledge base to start a business.  You can easily target weddings, Valentine’s Day, Christmas and other such occasions.

Start your business by catering for friends and family asking them to refer you to anyone looking for a florist in future. From this people will start hiring your services for their homes and their official occasions. Make sure you give maximum value and a personal service to each and every customer. With time, word about your business will spread and people will start hiring you for their different functions independently.

You can find out about many other home based business ideas at the UK site become self employed. This site has lots of thought provoking ideas and advice on how to earn money from the comfort of your house.

Why Miracle Flowers is the Best Flower Shop for You

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There are different flower shops in California that can cater your floral needs. However, not all of these flower shops offer the best quality flowers to their customers. If you are looking for the best flower bouquet or basket that you can give as a gift to your friends, relatives or family members during important occasions in your life, you can absolutely count on our quality service.

The Miracle Flowers (JustFlowersForYou.com), a local flower shop located in Folsom, CA is a shop that caters to your floral needs wherever you are in the state. In our shop, you will see a wide variety of flowers that you can choose to highlight or celebrate any occasion. Many people find it very easy to send their loved ones a gift of fresh flowers anytime they need to because of our supply of not only beautiful but absolutely fresh blossoms. The recipient lives outside California? No problem! We also do a nationwide delivery service.

Anyone you know going to celebrate their birthday this month? We have a huge supply of flowers to delight your intended recipient. One of your friends is going to get married soon? Choose which flowers you’d like to give the birthday celebrant or the bride and we will work hard to make it part of a precious memory that they will treasure forever.

We will also be there on other important times of your life such as your prom, graduation and homecoming. Our fresh and beautiful flowers will highlight those important nights of your life. These flowers will transform you into a beautiful lady that will become the center of gossip and envy of every girl on that wonderful evening. Our boutonnieres and corsages are also top class; no other flower shops in California provide beautifully-designed flowers than our shop. You can also congratulate the newly graduates by sending them a bouquet or basket of flowers.

Are you going on a date? Don’t forget to bring your precious girlfriend a gift of fragrant and vibrant flowers! Our supply of fresh flowers will surely make her heart melt in an instant. Upon seeing our magnificently-arranged blossoms, no girl will surely turn you down. You can also arrange for delivery to the restaurant of your choice.

Celebrating your parents’ wedding anniversary is also another perfect opportunity to purchase fresh flowers from our shop. Through our professionally-arranged flowers, your parents will definitely get the chance to take a trip down memory lane and remember their first date, your dad’s proposal until their wedding day.

Losing a loved one is really a painful experience that is difficult to overcome. If you wish to ease the pain of the family of your friends or loved ones, you can offer them a gift of flowers. We also make the best wreaths and funeral flowers. Give these offering to them and it will surely help them forget the pain if only for a little while.

You can also order flowers from us during ordinary days. Our flowers are also best for decorating your home. Put our high-quality cut flowers in your flower vase to accentuate any corner of your home. Your friend got sick? You can purchase get-well flower arrangement from us. Tell us your design and we’ll make sure that the flowers will inspire your friend to get well as soon as possible. We can even deliver the flowers in any hospital you specify. We also offer same day delivery.

Are you too busy to personally visit our flower shop? Why don’t you give us a call and tell us what you need. Our professional team of florists will take care of your request and will finish it in a timely manner. If you don’t know which flowers you would like to send on the occasions that you specify, our team of dedicated and expert florists will help you decide.

There is no doubt that our shop is the best flower shop in California. You can count on us on different occasions all year long such as Valentine’s Day, Easter, Christmas and New Year. We also have the widest coverage of customers so you don’t need to worry about getting the flowers that you ordered to us not getting to the recipients on time. Just call us today and experience the best flower delivery service courtesy of Miracle Flowers.

Mysteries About Ikebana Flower Arrangement Explained

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There are moments in our life that we need to take a break and breathe a little to relax. In this time and age, there are plenty of things that we can do to take our minds off to whatever stresses us. One of the things that we can do in order to slow things down a little bit is to learn Ikebana or the ancient Japanese art of floral arrangement.


Mysteries About Ikebana Flower Arrangement Explained 768x1024 Mysteries About Ikebana Flower Arrangement Explained

Mysteries About Ikebana Flower Arrangement Explained


The art of Ikebana is also seen as therapeutic. As technology develops faster than we all expected, people all over the world are desperately searching for ways to take the stress off their shoulders. Ikebana can help a person become more focused and organized in their everyday lives. In addition, it can also bring a slow change not only to the arranger but also to the observers of the arrangement. Similar to ornamental fish that has become an essential accessory in hospitals and boardrooms, the art of ikebana is also therapeutic for the beholder as well.

What is Ikebana?

Ikebana, or “the way of flowers” is defined as a traditional Japanese art that involves flower arrangement, conforming to strict principles and philosophies designed to produce beautiful harmony, balance and form. There are formal trainings in Ikebana that is carried out at different schools all over Japan. Foreign students can study with Ikebana masters as well.

An Ikebana arrangement is very distinctive and beautiful. Its design is very unique it cannot be confused with prevailing Western floral arrangements, which follow very different styles and principles.

The art of Ikebana actually started in China, where monks gave flower offerings to the Buddha. In the 6th century, Chinese Buddhists brought their floral arrangement practice to Japan, together with their knowledge of Buddhism. Since then, Japanese practitioners have refined the art, and later on created several major schools which include Rikka and Shoka. The practice of Ikebana is considered a spiritual and aesthetic art, and it is among in the many skills of accomplished Japanese men and women. Today, many Japanese women study Ikebana while exploring the possibilities of more avant-garde elements such as plaster and metal.

How to Make your Own Ikebana Design?

Ikebana is a distinctive floral design that strictly follows the concept of “heaven”, “earth” and “man”. Here are the things that you’ll need:

  • Floral frog
  • Shallow Vessel
  • Plant materials with 3 different lengths (to represent heaven, earth and man)
  • Some twigs


Take note that every Ikebana design has its own materials list. These are just some of the basic things that you’ll need in order to make your very first Ikebana.

  1. Place the floral frog inside the shallow vessel. Make sure that you put it on seven o’ clock position.
  2. Put the longest stem on the 11 o’ clock position of the floral frog. Make it lean for about 30 degrees on your left.
  3. The second longest stem should be placed on 8 o’ clock position of the floral frog. Make it lean for about 45 degrees on your left shoulder.
  4. The shortest stem should be positioned on 4 o’ clock of the floral frog. This time, make it lean for about 75 degrees of your left shoulder.
  5. Once the flower stems are perfectly positioned on the floral frog, cover it with leaves or anything that will hide it. Fill the shallow vessel with water to revitalize the flowers.

You can place your Ikebana floral designs in your home where there is heavy foot traffic e.g. living room and kitchen. You can also place these in your bedroom in order to provide a relaxing ambiance.


To the Western aesthetic taste, an Ikebana floral arrangement may seem very simple and bare. You may have seen too many flower arrangements in your life that contains different colors and shapes. However, an Ikebana flower arrangement includes spiritual and aesthetic values which have been refined over centuries. Every branch, twig, flower and leaf is carefully positioned, with the arranger considering its final look in contrast with the elements and its individual meaning. Form and color are two of the most essential considerations in Ikebana floral arrangement, with many arrangers using different plant materials in their quest for the best composition.


Flower Arrangements for Kids

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Children love flowers as much as adults do. As a matter of fact, flowers are some of the early things that they learn to draw during their infancy. Flowers can easily attract their attention because of its vibrant colors, especially if arranged beautifully together with other flowers. Speaking of arrangements, there are times that ordering a bouquet or a basket of flowers from your local flower shop can be too costly. This time, you don’t need to spend a fortune to keep them busy during weekends. You can teach them some floral arrangements to help you decorate your home.


Flower Arrangements for Kids Flower Arrangements for Kids

Flower Arrangements for Kids


What are the Benefits of Letting Children Learn Some Flower Arrangements?

As a parent, keeping your kids engaged on a productive activity at your home is one of the things that you should do. This way, they learn some responsibilities while having fun and learning some things. Instead of always keeping them hooked up to television programs or playing video games, you can make them discover the art of flower arrangement to provide them new learning experience.

Here are some of the advantages that you can gain by teaching your kids floral arrangement:

  1. Saves money. As previously mentioned, letting your kids do flower arrangements can save you money. You can teach them to rearrange flowers from a bouquet or basket of flowers that you received or you purchased. Basically, when you order flowers from a flower shop, you pay for the talent of the florist who arranged your flowers, the cost of flowers itself and the delivery cost. If you let your kids do it for you even just once or twice a week, you can definitely save plenty of money in the process.
  2. It improves their creativity. Children ages 6 to 12 learns to improve their creativity through various means. Whether it is at school or at your home, it is important to make sure that they always learn and discover something new. Teaching your kids an important lesson about flower arrangement and let them create their own design will really boost their imagination. You can also teach your kids about designing their own flower vases.
  3. It teaches them responsibility. If your kids have learned how to arrange flowers for your home, you can expect them to brighten up every corner of your house on a regular basis.
  4. It gives you time to bond with your children. You can add floral arrangements to your long list of bonding activities with your kids during weekends. You can also enlist the help of their friends at school or your relatives in order to make flower arrangements more fun and challenging for them.


How to Keep Them Motivated

In order to make your flower arrangement-project more interesting, you can take pictures of the ones that they have worked on. You can post it in your wall, put it in an album or let their friends and relatives know about it through social media websites. This way, they will strive to work harder in order to gain more approval. After they are finished, always praise them for a job well done so that they’ll keep asking for more in the future.

You can also use candies as part of their decoration on their flower arrangement. Buy some candies, ribbons and cellophanes to make a candy gift that they can place into their floral arrangement. If you are going to use a cookie jar as a container or vase, attach a small pouch of cookies in place of candies.

Some Reminders

If your kids or one of them are allergic to flowers, make sure that you prepare the necessary actions in order to prevent allergy attacks. You can try these less-pollen flowers such as pansy, azaleas, iris, tulips, snapdragons, hyacinths, daffodils, roses and orchids. This way, they can still experience the fun of arranging flowers without risking their health on the process.

Also, when making their own flower vases, make sure that the containers that they are going to use are child-friendly. Keep sharp or pointy objects away from them. If they still need supervision, always make it a point that you stay with them until the end. If you are going to use paint, choose the water-based ones so that they won’t ingest or inhale dangerous fumes. This way, you can ensure their safety while creating a fun and creative environment for them.