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Name Your Daughter After A Flower

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baby name flower 300x225 Name Your Daughter After A Flower

Girl's name after flower.

Every parent wishes to choose a special name for their little princesses. If you love flowers then you would definitely love to name your daughter after a flower. There are plenty of flowers and you can choose a name that best suits your little one. The pleasing and fascinating look of the flowers reflects in their names. Here is a list of flower names that can be used to name your daughter.

  • Daisy: These are bright yellow colored flowers that make the garden look gorgeous. This is a perfect name for girls that is preferred many moms.
  • Jasmine: This is a white colored flower with fresh and pleasant fragrance. This exotic flower name is used with spelling variations to name baby girls. Some of those variations include Jazmin, Jazzmyn and Jessamine.
  • Lilly: Lilies that come in different colors look lovely and cute. The flower name lily is used as such or with alterations such as Lilia, liliana and the name lilou is commonly used in France.
  • Daffodil: These are gorgeous flowers that bloom in spring. If you are planning to name your daughter after letter D with a flower name that blooms in spring then this should be ideal choice.
  • Marigold: These are bright yellow colored flowers that give a vibrant look to the garden. This name is widely used by British people and less commonly by others.
  • Rose: Roses available in plethora of colors have a unique fragrance. Rose is the preferred girl name by many people. It is used in combination with other names as Rosemary or with slight modifications as Rosalia and Rosa.
  • Liliac: This name that is often considered similar to lily is one of the exotic flower names that are being used extensively lately. These flowers have a wonderful fragrance and color.
  • Tulip: If you wish to use a special name for your little baby girl then this is the best choice.
  • Bryony: It is name of a vine that produces vivid looking green colored flowers. This name is commonly used in England.
  • Pansy: Though pansies are adorable flowers available in multiple colors. The name pansy is rarely used for girls as there are possibilities of teasing.

If you are confused of which flower name to select out of hundreds of flower names one easy solution is to pick a flower as per the season in which the baby is born. For example if the baby in born in the months of Spring season then flower names such as Daisy, Iris or Violet that bloom in spring can be chosen.

Few people love to use flower names but does not want it to sound like a flower name. Names that refer to flower but are not familiar as flower names include

  • Gelsey: This is a Persian word for flower.
  • Iolanthe: Greek word for violet flower. So, if you love to name your daughter after the flower violet and make it look interesting then this is the best choice.
  • Jacinta: Spanish word referring to the flower hyacinth.

Other unfamiliar names that refer to flowers include Leilani, Linnea, Marguerite, Capucine and Zahara.

8 Flowers That Make Your Garden Look Better

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flower garden Hydrangea 300x225 8 Flowers That Make Your Garden Look Better


Every one of us loves to have wonderful looking flower garden at the back of the house. To have garden full of flowers all round the year it is essential to have assorted plants that bloom in different seasons of the year. For a colorful looking garden it is also important to wisely choose the color combination. Here is an overview of few flowers that make you garden look better.

1. Hollyhocks

These flowering plants grow tall. The bright colored flowers of Hollyhocks have petals that look crushed like a tissue paper. The texture of the petals is also soft like silk. You can enjoy these beautiful flowers in the second year of sowing the seeds i.e. leaves grow in the first year of sowing the seeds and flowers bloom in the second year.

2. Marigold

Simple flowering plants that self seed such as Marigold are easy to cultivate. The bright color of the flowers makes the garden look vibrant. The best part of Marigolds is the plant can be transplanted to a desired place without the risk of losing the plant.

3. Love in a mist

These are pale colored flowers that look delicate and have ferny foliage. These flowers look gorgeous in the midst of bright looking Marigolds.

4. Penstemons

These plants beautify the garden in summer months. These graceful looking flowers bloom every year eliminating the need of replanting. Penstemons planted in fertile soil with plenty of sunlight forms multiple stems covered with bright pink colored flowers. These gorgeous looking pink flowers blend with any flower color.

5. Foxgloves

This is a poisonous plant but gives awesome flowers in different colors. Few varieties even have darker spots. The bright color of the flowers attracts bees. However, avoid the plant if you have children playing in the garden.

6. Roses

Who does not love to plant roses in their garden? These beautiful flowers that come in a wide range of colors not only give a perfect look to the garden but also emit pleasant fragrance. Few varieties bloom in bunches and look beautiful. The beauty of roses is they continue to remain beautiful for days if they are cut after opening to three fourth.

7. Lavender

These beautiful flowers not only make the garden look gorgeous but also emit pleasant smell. The dwarf variety of lavender is generally grown as edging plant. Plant it close to the entrance door to enjoy its unique fragrance every time you pass through the door. The unique scent and color attracts bees.

8. Iris

Similar to Hollyhocks flowers of iris plant also have a silky texture. These flowers bloom on tall stems that stand upright. To make iris flower bloom well it should be planted at a place where there is plenty of sunlight. Do not consider investing on this if you cannot provide the right conditions.
Apart from wisely choosing the flowering plants it is also important to plant them at different heights for a unique look. For example plants that grow tall should be planted either at the back end or in the centre of a row of plants for a better looking garden.

How Can I Keep My Flowers From Dying Fast?

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ByockCare Carousel thumb 615x300 79727 How Can I Keep My Flowers From Dying Fast?


When a flower is cut from the plant it starts to wither off due to lack of nutrients. Many people place flowers in plain and pure water to keep the flowers fresh. But, water alone cannot prolong the life of the cut flowers. It has to be supplied with the nutrients it normally obtains from the plant. Here are few ways to keep your flowers from dying fast.

  • Take care while choosing the flowers: Always pick buds that are yet to open except for dahlias and roses as tight buds of these flowers do not open after cutting. The stem portion of the flower should be healthy with leaves. Avoid the flowers if they have a drooping stem as they possess weak vascular system that prevents nutrients from reaching the flower.


  • Cut the bottom of the stem: For better nutrient absorption by the stem it is recommended to cut bottom portion of the stem in a slanting manner by about half inch. This causes more of the plant tissue to be exposed enabling increased absorption of nutrients and water. Cutting the stem also helps to get rid of unwanted bacteria that began to grow at the stem tip after cutting of the flowers from the garden. If you are picking the flowers directly from the garden make the slanting cut carefully.


  • Place the flowers in cool water: Keep the flowers in a container filled with cool water. Ensure that the container is placed at a cool place. Ensure that the container is washed thoroughly free of dirt and bacteria. If the container is washed with detergent rinse it thoroughly with water as detergents are harsh on delicate flowers.


  • Add nutrients to the water: Get cut flower food available at the florist and add it directly in to the water as per the instructions given on the packet. The food can also be made at home by mixing teaspoon each of white vinegar, sugar and hydrogen peroxide to one quart of water. These substances provide the essential nutrients for the flower and the hydrogen peroxide aids in regulating the bacterial growth in water. Few drops of vodka, lemon juice or bleach also help to regulate bacterial growth in water.


  • Change the water periodically: If the water appears cloudy or dirty replace them with fresh cold water. Add nutrients if required to maintain optimum level of nutrients in the water. Changing the water in the container every three days keeps flowers from dying fast. The bottom of the stem may wither off due to soaking in water for long period. Hence, again cut a small portion of the stem at the bottom in a slanting manner and place them back in the vase. This will help the stem to absorb nutrients efficiently.


If you are gathering flowers from your own garden then ensure that the plants are saved from diseases and malnutrition. Water the plants appropriately. If the flowers look drooping water the plant so that the roots absorb water and provide them to the flowers.  Picking healthy flowers lets you enjoy them for a long time even after cutting from the plant.

Good Flowers To Start With For A Novice Gardener

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flowers for your garden Good Flowers To Start With For A Novice Gardener

If you are new to gardening then you might be wondering how to make the garden beautiful. For a beautiful garden care should be taken at every step from choosing of the plants to cultivation. The soil should be made fertile and the planting should be done in a planned manner so that all the plants receive required amounts of sunlight. Here is some help on choosing good flowers to start with for a novice gardener.

  • Rhododentrums: These plants bloom gorgeous flowers and are also easy to cultivate. They also require very little maintenance.
  • 4O clocks: If you love to feast your nose along with eyes then 4O clocks should be your choice. These flowers that bloom in the evening around 4O clock are ideal for you. These flowers look elegant and the plant is also easy to grow. However, you should be careful on the area you wish to allow the plant to grow as it spreads real fast and killing it is also hard.
  • Roses: These flowers come in plethora of colors. Roses planted in areas with bright sunshine grow well and give bright looking flowers. Roses not only enhance the look of the garden but also smell good.
  • Zinnia and cosmos: For a colorful looking garden there should be a blend of colors. So, you definitely need white and lime colored flowers. Zinnias are lime colored flowers that bloom on tall plants that grow up to two and half to three and half feet. Cosmos are milky white colored flowers and emit unique scent.
  • Calibrachoa and Dahlia: Yellow and orange colored flowers give a vibrant look to the garden. Yellowish to orange colored flowers that can be included in your garden include Calibrachoa, and Coreopsis. Calibrachoa are cute little yellow colored flowers that bloom on short plants that grow just six to ten inches. Coreopsis, pale yellow colored flowers bloom on plants that grow up to two foot. The apple green foliage and the yellow colored flowers make the plant look beautiful.
  • Gaillardia: Gaillardia flowers are special looking orange colored flowers with yellow tip. Red colored Gaillardias with yellow centers are also available.
  • Dahlia: Dahlia, bright yellowish orange colored flowers look elegant with dark brownish black center. This bright yellow color blends with all other floral colors. Dahlia is also available in shades of scarlet red with dark chocolate brown colored center. The mix of orange and red colored Dahlia definitely makes the garden attractive.
  • Pansies: These are easy to cultivate plants that can be grown even in small containers. Bright colored flowers of these short plants make the garden colorful.
  • Marigold: These bright yellowish orange colored flowering plants can be grown easily. The attractive part is they are self seeded plants and need very little maintenance.

To let your plants grow and bloom well plant them appropriately in fertile soil receiving bright sunlight and water them only as per requirement. Too much watering spoils the root system and the plant fails to grow well and bloom. Plants that bloom in summer should be planted in spring well ahead.

How To Choose Flowers

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Flowers…They are part of our life. Flowers are around us: they make our houses more homelike, when we want to make woman, either mother, daughter or wife, happy, they made us smiling, even we are sad, they participate in all our important events, such as birthday, wedding. Each country have its national flower. In Japan even there are a lot of holidays in honor flowers, such as chrysanthemum festival, cherry blossom festival.

Here are some steps, which will help you in choosing flowers:

Step 1. Firstly you need to decide you want to buy a single flower, a bouquet or a flowering plant. For example, for a housewarming best present is a plant, it means more permanence, like a plant. Roses are a good choice for birthday.

Step 2. You should remember for what occasion you buy flowers: if the flowers are for a wedding or a dinner party, you should send them in advance so they can be displayed in time.

Step 3. Check the meaning of your flowers! Yellow tulips are to separation, but red- are a declaration of love, ivy is a symbol of fidelity and marriage, and white rose symbolizes tenderness.

Step 4. Apply a note, symbol or mark to better preserved sentiments.

Step 5.Analyze character, style and behavior of person, whom you want to give flowers. It will be absurdly to choose extravagant bouquet for simple, calm person- it will be pertinently to send her a single rose or wildflowers.

how to choose flowers How To Choose Flowers

A beautiful chrysanthemum.

Everyone likes live flowers and is glad to see fresh flowers as long as possible. And now some necessary tips to holders of flowers:

  1. To buy and to cut flowers is better in the morning: they have especially a lot of moisture. So they keep freshness longer.
  2. Before putting flowers in the vase, you should stems. Thus they will absorb water better.
  3. All leaves on the stems, which are underwater, should be torn. Neither beauty nor use-they begin to spoil water.
  4. Many cut flowers will keep better if you put wood charcoal in water. It is also useful to add some drops of ammonia or salt.
  5. Roses and carnations like sugared water.(rose-10% carnations-15%) For dahlia, chrysanthemums, carnations you should put in water aspirin.
  6. You shouldn’t keep flowers in cold water. Water should be at room temperature.
  7. Keep your bouquet away from sun-they will fade.

Flowers can speak. You can reconcile with woman, swear allegiance or say “I love you” without any word, only giving flowers. The language of flowers exists, sometimes it is called floriography (from Latin flora, “goddess of plants”; and graphein, “writing”).Meaning of flowers began in a Victorian-era, when people used more symbols and gestures to communicate than words.

Here are some meanings of flowers:


Flower Lilac Daffodil Gladiolus Iris Aster Daisy
Meaning purity &refined beauty, youthful innocence &confidence regard &and chivalry. strength of character& faithfulness &honor eloquence patience innocence &purity


Not only types of flowers, even color of flower is important for meaning:


Bronze – excitement

White – truth

Red – sharing

Yellow – secret admirer

Cosmos – peaceful

Crocus – foresight



Pink – friendship

Red – passionate love

Red & white – unity

White – purity

Yellow – zealous


Flowers are like people. There are some types that you should keep together in one vase. Rose and mignonette are enemies – if you put them in one vase in a hurry, mignonette will die in a half an hour, but soon rose will fade because of deadly drops, fallen from mignonette’s stem. Narcissus hates forget-me-not, lily of the valley doesn’t like spring flowers…

Not only country, even people have their own flowers. For example, The Easter lily is the symbol of the Virgin Mary. We admire flower’s beauty, we smell them…With its help, we try to make happy our close people.

Anniversary Flowers: When, What, How Much

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It is amazing how even the simplest of things can give your loved ones the same amount of joy as some of the more expensive gifts. A bunch of flowers presented with love and affection can easily compete with an expensive jewellery item, if gifted with loving intentions.

A wedding anniversary is an occasion that comes every year. And the best way to start that day off is by presenting your loved one with carefully selected bunch of flowers. There is nothing like flowers to set off the mood in the right direction in the morning. Men often like to surprise their wives by having the flowers delivered at home or their work place during the day to surprise them. Either way fresh and beautiful flowers are going to convey your deep felt love for her.

anniversary flowers e1351921163533 Anniversary Flowers: When, What, How Much

Anniversary Flowers

When Should Flowers Be Bought

Flowers start withering away after a day or two and it is best that they should be brought fresh during the day time right before delivering them or having them delivered. This really depends upon what time you intend taking the flowers. If you want to take them home yourself after work, then there is no point buying them early in the morning. However if you want that the flowers should surprise her during the day then visit the florist on your way to work, and place the order to be delivered within a few hours.

There are many online florists who offer good rates for both flowers and the delivering job, but if you want to make sure that fresh flowers and the ones of your choice are going to be delivered to your wife then it is best you hand pick them at a nearby reputable florist.


Select the ones that have just arrived at the florist, or at best a day before so that by the time they reach your wife, they still have a little more than a day to keep smelling fresh and looking wonderful.

Which Flowers Should You Buy

This part is usually more testing for the male species than the one stated above. Florists usually keep a wide range of flowers in varying colours as they have to cater for the various needs of customers. But, undoubtedly the safer choice for those who are placing the order online is one of the deep coloured roses or even tulips. Both of these come in beautiful colours however it is only the red and pink roses that express love; the pink tulips are equally gorgeous. If you are handpicking them then it is a good idea to consult the florist as they bear a lot of knowledge about flowers for different occasions.

How Many Should Your Buy

There is no rule as to how many flowers should be bought for any occasion. A single long stem rose or a bunch of them tied up with ribbons are equally attractive; it is all about the personal preference and the aesthetic appeal that one finds in them.

Flower Garden Acessories – Things You Do Not Want to Go Without

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garden lanterns Flower Garden Acessories   Things You Do Not Want to Go Without

Garden Lanters. (Courtesy of katyelliott.com)

One of the perks of living in a house, instead of an apartment, is that you and your kids get a free
space outside of your home to roam around and play in. Besides the practical advantage, a well-
kept garden also increases the aesthetic value of the house.

Those who have a garden outside of their home, become naturally inclined towards beautifying
it, although they might have thought that they didn’t possess this quality earlier. It doesn’t take a
lot to have a neatly trimmed garden. A garden which is overloaded with seasonal blossoms does
appear pleasing to the eye, but the one that has minimal flowers placed orderly and a neatly
trimmed grass and a few accessories can be equally pleasing too. You just need to have a few
accessories and a creative mind into utilising them.

It is okay if you don’t have a mature gardening sense and/or don’t have an inclination towards
it simply because you cannot devote a lot of time to it regularly; there still are a few things that
can be done or added to the garden which can make up for your attention. Hire a part-time
gardener once in a while to trim your grass and to spread some manure on to it; and all that you
have to do is add a few accessories and that might do the trick.

1. Garden Furniture: you will be surprised just how much difference even an old sofa set,
table or even ottoman can make to your garden. You don’t need to buy anything new
especially for this area of your home; have a look around your home and see what you have
always wanted to throw out or sell off. An old table or coffee chairs or maybe even bean
bags can brighten and enrich your garden theme. Throw an old cover over it and maybe give
them a rustic feel with the help of spray paints and you are ready to go.

2. Garden Tools: those who are into gardening, even if it is not extensively, require proper
tools to appropriately look after the plants and their hands. Some of the must have garden
tools are a rake, spade, trowel, pruning shear, garden gloves, watering can and a water hose.

3. Lantern and Lamps: whether it is your indoor or outdoor décor, adding a few lights never
hurts anyone; in fact they are probably the best and most economical things with which you
can create an entire mood and aura of the area. Again, no need of spending heavily on it. Go
green and recycle something from your home. This is going to save you some money and
give your garden your own personal touch.

4. Stepping Stones: no garden is complete until you have installed a few stepping stones.
Circles cut out from old log pieces can serve as chic stepping stones even if you don’t want to
go for marble, stone or concrete ones; although there are quite a few ways you can cheaply
conjure up stepping stones from them as well.

If you want to learn more about planning a landscape, you are welcome to visit our Google+ friends website.

Beware: 5 Flowers that Are Poisonous to Your Dog

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It is the American family dream to own a small house with picket fences and a dog. But where you have both a pet dog and a garden, you have to be cautious about a few things. One of the things easily overlooked by pet owners is the plants and flowers they are planting into their lawns and gardens. Most people don’t draw a relation between the two, even though there is a valid reason to believe that some flowers are even poisonous to dogs if they accidentally digest them.

If you love your dog and also own a garden then pay attention to the following list of flowers to find out which ones can prove to be fatal to your pet.

 Beware: 5 Flowers that Are Poisonous to Your Dog

Autumn Crocus

  • Commonly seen, the Autumn Crocus is one of the two crocus plants that blooms in association to the season that it is meant for. Although the sprint crocus can cause vomiting, it is the autumn crocus that is actually toxic for the dogs. If ingested, the dog is going to show signs of increased vomiting, bleeding of the intestines, damage to kidney and liver and even respiratory failure. If signs like these occur, it is best that you bring your pet to the nearest veterinarian immediately.
 Beware: 5 Flowers that Are Poisonous to Your Dog


  • Azalea look really beautiful on the outside, however their composition makes them quite toxic and deadly on the inside. Dogs and cats have a habit of chewing onto plants and flowers. If your dog accidently digests Azalea flowers or even its leaves, then it can result in serious effects. Your dog might start to drool heavily, more than he normally does. Although it seems harmless at first, if you don’t note these signs and give him proper veterinary help then the dog might even fall into coma leading to possible death. Other signs seen with the ingestion of this flower are vomiting and diarrhea.
Lilies 300x223 Beware: 5 Flowers that Are Poisonous to Your Dog


  • Lilies exist in various kinds and species and it is important to know which ones are safe to plant because some are so poisonous that it can lead to the death of your pet. The Tiger Lilies, Asiatic lilies, Calla lilies, Japanese lilies and Arum lilies are quite toxic and they can cause a difficulty in swallowing in the dogs, vomiting, excessive drooling and pain in the oral cavity.
cyclamen 300x227 Beware: 5 Flowers that Are Poisonous to Your Dog


  • Cyclamen give a bright color to your garden but again are very harmful. And it is not the petals or the flower, but the roots of the flower which can prove to be harmful to your pet. If the dog swallows the roots, then excessive vomiting and diarrhea might result in death.
english ivy 300x210 Beware: 5 Flowers that Are Poisonous to Your Dog

English Ivy

  • Some people are fond of English Ivy but what they don’t know is that it is extremely dangerous to the pet dogs. The ingestion of these flowers is again going to cause more or less the same symptoms in any dog, as by swallowing one of the above flowers. It is important that at any time, if your dog shows signs of excessive salivation, vomiting and/or diarrhea, it should immediately be taken to the vet.

Wedding Bouquet Ideas from Professionals

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bouquet ideas for various occasions 258x300 Wedding Bouquet Ideas from Professionals

Bouquet ideas for various occasions

Flower bouquets are very popular among people and can be given on any occasions such as weddings, birthdays, and at corporate events to welcome someone. They are also seen offering solace during sad occasions and funeral. For weddings, it is a must for the bride to carry a bouquet.

When you start looking, you will find hundreds of bouquet ideas from professionals. They are colorful, easy to carry and place.  Depending on the desires of the customers and the occasion, the flowers are carefully chosen by the florist. The size of the bouquet will of course depend on the budget. Some bouquets can be huge while some hold a small bunch of flowers. The color and variety of the flowers will of course get decided by the occasion. For example, red flowers denote love, yellow flowers stand for friendship and while flowers are used on funerals. One can visit different florists or their online floral displays to get some more bouquet Ideas from professionals.

Silk wedding bouquets are getting increasingly popular among customers and are seen as good alternative to those fresh flowers.  They not only last much longer but also make a pleasant memento of the big day. There is a great source of wedding bouquet ideas on the web, that the brides to be can explore in their free time and  pick some great designs to go with their wedding dress on the special day. One can also visit flower shops and look through their portfolio of bouquets to get more ideas. Different silk flowers are readily available with leading florists.

It is also seen that the wedding bouquets also differ according to the season. While a spring bouquet may carry pastel pink and yellow flowers, the fall wedding bouquet are seen with more of those red and gold colored flowers. Summer bouquets are full of bright dazzling while deep red roses are popular for Christmas weddings.

Some of the most popular choices for the flowers among florists for making bouquets are roses, dahlias, hyacinths and tulips. Roses and lilies are more common in those summer bouquets. Most of the times the bouquets are made according to the meaning and feelings the flowers represent. Fro example, orchids stand for love while Gardenias symbolized joy. One can look for more flowers and their special meaning before getting a bouquet made. Some wedding bouquet flowers also reflect the birth month flowers of the bride and groom. Many brides like to choose the same flower used by their mothers or grandmothers on their weddings.

It is essential to use the seasonal flowers for the bouquets so as to keep them fresh and vibrant for a longer time. There are endless choices in colors and styles available in the market.  Sometimes a mixture of colorful wildflowers too is proffered in the bouquets. The shape and size of the bouquet too should be kept in mind. The bride should hold a medium sized bouquet that should not be too small or too big and should go perfectly with the theme of the wedding.

How to Become the Best Florist in the US

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how to become the best florist in the US How to Become the Best Florist in the US

How do I become the best florist in the US?

Although there is no special license required to become a florist, still a formal training at a training school or experience of working with an established florist does enhance one’s potential as a florist. If you desire to be the best florist in US, well, all you will need to do is take your creative mind and coordinating skills to a new level. You need to understand your flowers as well as your customers. Flowers are a symbol of fun and celebration, but they also offer peace and solace during funerals. As a florist, you play an important pert by delighting the hearts of people with bouquets or brightening their homes with a splash of colors with those flowers.

Those expecting to become one of the best florists in US, should be mentally prepared to work very hard, get the right training and learn as much as possible about different flowers. They should also help their customers find the perfect floral arrangement for whatever occasion or even they are looking for. Millions of bouquet and floral arrangements get ordered each day. As a florist, one needs to be very creative and deliver the flowers right on time and in the perfect condition.

As a florist, one must be an expert in the art of arranging live, dried, and silk flowers along with other greenery. The shape, size, color of the flowers should be carefully chosen. They should know how to arrange the flowers into bouquets, wreaths, corsages, centerpieces and give them the perfect display according to funerals, weddings, birthdays, corporate events or any other occasion. Different containers are used to make different floral arrangements. The containers are chosen carefully, depending upon the size and number of flowers, the style and accessories to be used. In order to achieve this perfectly, one must have a thorough knowledge about the flowers, their shelf life and how to keep them fresh for a longer time.

In case you want to brush up your skills further and think you need more training to become one of the best florists in US, the first step to take is to research for the top floral schools in the local area. One can find many online courses too in form of books and video courses. Depending on your learning skills and how much time you are able to devote to this art, one can compare the best options available and make best use of them.  Generally, most floral schools certify the students as florist after he finishes their course successfully. Keep on practicing different techniques and get a professional touch in your work by donating on funeral, low-income families’ weddings, churches and proms.

One can also get in touch with the local florists and find out about the challenges as well as the pros and cons of working as a florist. See how they tackle adverse conditions that may arise in the floral industry. This expertise is something that one learns when actually working as a florist and no school can teach these skills.

Working as a florist is a great choice for those having passion of flowers and a natural flair of being good and patient with people. They should have the creativity and ability to express the feelings of their customers with flowers.  To become the best florist in US, it is essential to have problem-solving skills, maintain self-discipline and be good with time management.