5 Superb Wedding Proposal Ideas That Will Leave Your Girlfriend Speechless

Wedding proposal is one of the important events in a man’s life that should be as memorable as possible. This is the reason why most men choose to propose on significant places in their life such as the place Read more

8 Beautiful Flowers That Can Kill You

Guest Blog post courtesy of Isabell Davila from flowerdelivery.net. Many things in nature are beautiful, yet deadly. When it comes to flowers, this can be particularly true, as some species are poisonous and even fatal to humans. Since gardening is Read more

What Are The Flowers That Are Fit For Men?

Men enjoy receiving flowers as much as women do. This is a little-known fact that remains to be undiscovered by most women (and in some cases, men) around the world. Men also enjoy the presence of flowers especially if Read more

5 Superb Wedding Proposal Ideas That Will Leave Your Girlfriend Speechless

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Wedding proposal is one of the important events in a man’s life that should be as memorable as possible. This is the reason why most men choose to propose on significant places in their life such as the place where he met the woman of his dreams. Other men stage their proposals on public places such as public parks or restaurants. Other people perform stunts such as jumping off a building and parachuting down while the girl fearfully looks up.


5 Superb Wedding Proposal Ideas That Will Leave Your Girlfriend Speechless 1024x768 5 Superb Wedding Proposal Ideas That Will Leave Your Girlfriend Speechless

5 Superb Wedding Proposal Ideas That Will Leave Your Girlfriend Speechless


Sometimes, proposals need to be creative and daring in order to successfully convey your desire to marry the one that you love. There are many ways to pull it off. However, you must be sure that you make it perfect because she might say no especially if she feels that she’s placed in an embarrassing situation.

Here are top 5 wedding proposal ideas that can help you secure her sweet “yes”.

  1. Arrange a romantic dinner in your favorite restaurant. It can also be the restaurant where you first brought her. Play some cheesy music in a candle-lit dinner and hold her hand then propose. You can even ask the restaurant management to help you make your proposal successful.
  2. Pop the question in a hotel. Prepare the place where you are going to propose. Decorate it with things connected to you and your girlfriend to make it look personal. You can also talk to the hotel staff and management to make your proposal harmonious. Ask them to hide the engagement ring for a while and present it on the perfect moment.
  3. Ask her in front of your common friends. Many marriage proposals fail because not because she is not yet ready to commit but the girl feels that she’s been placed in an uncomfortable situation. In order to avoid feeling rejected, do your wedding proposal in front of your trusted friends. This way, she will not feel pressured to answer yes to just to make you and your friends satisfied.
  4. Propose when there is only the two of you. There are women who hate crowds of people. If you feel that she will have an adverse reaction to cheering crowds, the best way to ask her to marry you is on a secluded place. You can ask her to go to the beach or cruise with you.
  5. Stage a situation wherein she will not expect you to propose in the end. You will need your friends’ help on this part. One perfect example is to stage you fake accident. There are some men who stage a fake accident wherein the man will be ‘near death’ and she is extremely worried. The man will then ask the girl to marry her and once she answers ‘yes’, the friends will reveal themselves with a video camera, flowers and the engagement ring. However, you should know that this may not work.

Asking your woman to marry you is definitely not easy. It will take months of planning and plenty of courage. The abovementioned suggestions are just some of the popular ways to ask your woman to marry you. The success rate will depend on your readiness and preparation.

Aside from the engagement ring that you are going to present to your would-be bride, flowers are another essential part of the evening that you should pay attention to. If you are a complete novice about flowers, we can help you decide which flowers you should offer the woman of your life on that meaningful day. If you are looking for a perfect bouquet or basket to offer your special someone on that moment, the best flower shop that can help you is Miracle Flowers.

Call us today and we’ll help you make the perfect bouquet of flowers that will highlight your wedding proposal.

8 Beautiful Flowers That Can Kill You

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flowers that can kill you 8 Beautiful Flowers That Can Kill You

Guest Blog post courtesy of Isabell Davila from flowerdelivery.net.

Many things in nature are beautiful, yet deadly. When it comes to flowers, this can be particularly true, as some species are poisonous and even fatal to humans. Since gardening is a favorite hobby of millions worldwide, we should be very careful in choosing which flowers to beautify our surroundings, as there may be much more than meets the eye. Here are some alluring flowers that just so happen to be poisonous and can actually kill you.

  1. Aconitum Napellus (Wolf’s Bane)

    This common garden plant contains a deadly cardiac poison that was once used on the tips of spears and arrows for hunting during ancient times. Ingestion of even small amounts of aconitine, the primary toxin in the flower, results in severe gastrointestinal upset. However, what kills you is the effect it has on the heart, slowing it down until it eventually stops.

  2. Echium plantagineum (Purple Viper’s Bugloss)

    This vibrant purple flower is grown around the world and belongs to the Echium family. Unfortunately, the plants contain toxic pyrrolizidine alkaloids, which are poisonous even to large animals. One teaspoon of honey from the plant is above the recommended weekly minimum intake of these chemicals in humans and can be highly toxic in high quantities.

  3. Nerium oleander

    One of the most toxic plants in the world just so happens to have an elegant, sweet scent and appearance. Nearly every part of the plant and flower, from its stem to its sap, is extremely poisonous if ingested. The blossom is so dangerous that even the honey gathered by bees using oleander nectar is poisonous. The toxins from the Oleander flower causes an irregular heart rate in humans – causing our hearts to race, then drop to a dangerous level, until the heart stops beating altogether. Campers should be cautious when roasting food over an open fire, as there have been reports of inadvertent poisonings that result from inhaling the smoke from a burning Oleander.

  4. Castor Oil Plant

    Named the most poisonous plant in the world according to the Guinness Book of World Records, just one milligram of the plant’s poison can kill a healthy adult. Its flowering seeds contain alkaloid ricin, which is more toxic than common cyanides. What’s even scarier is that this toxin has the ability to accumulate in an organism until the lethal dose is reached. Symptoms first include nausea and vomiting, then bloody diarrhea, fever, seizures, and finally a collapse resulting in death. Its seed, which is the castor bean, is known to be lethal in adults, if consumed in quantities from four to eight seeds.

  5. Daphne mezereum

    Also called lady laurel or paradise plant, every part of this beautiful plant is poisonous. The pink or purple flowers bloom in early spring before it gains it woody deciduous appearance with bright red berries. The bark, sap, and berries hold the greatest toxic concentration, including Mexerine, an acrid resin resulting in intense skin irritations, and Daphnine, a bitter glycoside. Combined, these two toxins will cause convulsions, delirium, headaches, diarrhea, and other not-so-pleasant reactions. If you ingest a berry, you could fall into a deep coma and die.

  6. Latana camara

    Widely found in the summer landscape of the tropics, beautiful yellow, orange, and pink flowers often obscure its deathly properties found in its green berries. Triterpenes, the poison found in its berries, is a precursor to steroids, which may cause muscle weakness and lead to a circulatory collapse.

  7. Atropa belladonna (Deadly nightshade)

    Though the name of the species comes from Latin, meaning a “pretty woman,” its bell-shaped violet blossoms and cherry-like fruit make it an overall attractive plant. However, when ingested, it may cause delirium and hallucinations. Fatal amounts of 10 to 20 berries or a single leaf of the plant can be deadly. Your symptoms including blurred vision, rashes, and a fast or slowed pulse, all leading up to a fatal convulsion.

  8. Rhododendron (Azaleas)

    Almost anyone is familiar with an Azalea flower; it’s one of the most popular types of flowering shrubs in the entire world. However, the nectar produced by Azalea flowers contains a grayanotoxin, known as “mad honey,” which is lethal in humans but harmless to bees. As a rule of thumb, Azaleas are nice to look at, but it’s not a good idea to chew on an Azalea flower.

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What Are The Flowers That Are Fit For Men?

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Men enjoy receiving flowers as much as women do. This is a little-known fact that remains to be undiscovered by most women (and in some cases, men) around the world. Men also enjoy the presence of flowers especially if this highlights their masculinity. If you are thinking about sending your male friend or special someone a gift on important events such as his birthday, graduation or office promotion, you can make his day extra special by offering him a magnificently-arranged bouquet or basket of flowers.


What Are The Flowers That Are Fit For Men What Are The Flowers That Are Fit For Men?

What Are The Flowers That Are Fit For Men?


There are different kinds of flowers that you can send your male friends. These are white roses, yellow daisies, tulips and tropical flowers such as orchids, hibiscus, bird of paradise and jasmine. You can also give them cactus. Unlike women who prefer to receive these flowers in a whole bunch and arranged in a pompous manner, most men like to have only two or three pieces of these beautiful flowers. This is because men like to keep it minimal as much as possible. Moreover, they don’t usually parade in front of people carrying the gift of flowers they received.

Whether we like it or not, men are prideful beings. Before sending your male friend a bunch of flowers, the very first thing that should cross your mind is the arrangement. There are different kinds of arrangements for flowers but only few of these suits to strict and minimalist aesthetic tastes of men. The best floral arrangement that you can give your male friend is the ikebana. Ikebana is the traditional art of flower arrangement of the Japanese. This particular arrangement combines minimalistic approaches in flower design in one simple yet elegant container. You will also see three different levels that represent heaven (the highest flower), earth (the middle one) and man (the lowest).

If you are concerned about making your flower gift more personal, you can place the floral arrangement in a vase that is designed creatively. The possibilities are definitely endless. For instance, you can put the flowers in a specially-designed beer mug. Another idea that you can use to make the flowers more appealing to him is by placing it in a miniature model of his favorite car. If your male friend likes basketball shoes, you can design a vase that looks like one. This will certainly make his day once he received your gift.

These days, there are many flowers shops across the United States that provides the best flower arrangement for men. One of these shops is the Miracle Flowers located in Folsom, California. Here, we can make sure that your male friends would be delighted to see the gift that you wish to send them on their special day. We have a team of friendly and professional florists who will be there for you to accommodate your specific requests.

Just call us today and we’ll make sure that your male friends will have the best day of their lives once they have received the elegant and totally beautiful gift of flowers from you.



12 Months of Facts about Birthstones

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Birthstones Gems By Month 12 Months of Facts about Birthstones
Brilliance Birthstones

Weekly Blog Posts about Flowers – Flower Industry Recap – May 14th

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Starting today, we’ll be posting weekly recaps of the flower industry – any blog that will be posting anything related to flowers will have a chance to make it to our weekly posts.

This week’s posts about flowers are:

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Last week there was no week in photos due to the high volume of orders at the flower shop. But man this week was a blur. Most my time was at the shop, making orders, processing orders, and directing delivery drivers and making maps. (read post)

2. Cupcakes Take The Cake: More Flower Pot Cupcakes | cupcakestakethecake.blogspot.com

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3. La Dolce Vita: Last Minute Gift Guide: Mother’s Day | paloma81.blogspot.com

If you and your mother live in different cities, flowers are always a special way to say you care. H. Bloom offers a great delivery service as well as a Flower Subscription Service. I don’t know of any mom who wouldn’t love that. Just make sure … (read post)

4. A Lifestyle Blog by Medeya: Men’s Gift Guide | medeika.blogspot.com

I think Sweetwater deserves a quick kudos for the excellent customer service. As soon as I placed my order – I got a call asking if everything went okay when I placed my order. I also loved the free shipping, the fast delivery and a follow up email … (read post)

5. Spring Maternity Session with Yellow Irises – Jill Carmel Photography | jillcarmel.com/blog

The timing for this session was just right and we caught some of the fleeting spring flowers by the river. … And love this shot of her below, peacefully standing amongst the flowers. standing in a field of yellow irises a perfect complement to her … (read post)

What is the Best Home Décor: Fresh or Artificial Flowers?

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Deciding about your internal home decoration can be a little stressful nowadays. There are about thousands upon thousands of possibilities that you can think about yet, none of these could give you the satisfaction that you need. People with spacious home usually experience this kind of problem. For quick and refreshing home decoration, flowers are the best choice that you can get.


What is the Best Home Décor Fresh or Artificial Flowers What is the Best Home Décor: Fresh or Artificial Flowers?

What is the Best Home Décor: Fresh or Artificial Flowers?


When choosing flowers for your home décor, nothing beats fresh ones. This can definitely make the atmosphere pleasant and warm. It can also improve the smell inside your home using natural scent. But, having fresh flowers everyday can be expensive. This is because you need to replenish your supply of flowers on a regular basis. Moreover, fresh flowers can wither on a simple change in weather condition, prompting you to get more to keep your vases full and your house vibrant and beautiful.

If you wish to avoid spending money on floral decorations, you can also adorn your home with artificial flowers. These types of flowers can be as vibrant as the real ones however; they are not fragrant as well. You can place these flowers in any place in your home without worrying that it will wither in any significant change in weather.

Choosing fresh or artificial flowers can present different advantages and disadvantages, depending on how you will use it. Some people may favor one over the other but it also pays a lot to know the different benefits that each one presents. Here are the ups and downs of placing fresh and artificial flowers in your home that you need to learn:

  • Fresh flowers. Properly arranged fresh flowers can surely add life to any corner of your house where you will place it. It can also become wonderful once it is designed and placed on a beautiful vase. The great disadvantage about purchasing fresh flowers is the regularity of replacing it. This is a difficult task to accomplish especially if you have a rather limited budget. If you feel that you are no expert when it comes to flowers, you can always ask for help on your local flower shop.
  • Artificial flowers. Perfect for those whose major concern is only to adorn their home for a specific events or occasions, artificial flowers will surely make your day complete. The best thing about artificial flowers is once you bought it, you don’t need to replace it with another one. They can either be purchased in full bloom or in blooming stage and you don’t need to replenish your supply of flowers because they stay the same no matter what. Because the synthetic flowers are mainly manufactured from plastic, you don’t have to deal with expiration dates. However, artificial flowers don’t have the same scent as the real ones.


Depending on your taste and reasons for purchasing it, the flowers that you choose will certainly improve the mood of your home. Most people find it advantageous to use real flowers because they can easily change the kind of flowers they will place in their vases the moment it withers. This is good for those who regularly receive flowers or have a home garden. On the other hand, artificial flowers can be easily set up without paying professionals to arrange it for you. You can use it whenever there is a need for you to use it. You can even keep it in your storage room after using it.

If you have decided to use fresh flowers to decorate your home, you can always order a bouquet or basket of flowers from us here in Miracle Flowers. You can save a lot of time arranging it if you tell our professional team of florists to come up with a nice floral design so that you will just simply place it in your flower vase. Don’t have enough time to visit our shop? You can call us and tell us what you need. We will deliver it in your doorstep at the exact time that you need it. If you wish to give the flowers to your friends or family members to decorate their home, we also provide fast delivery service system.

Our humble flower shop is located in Folsom, CA. Call us today and we’ll discuss the perfect flowers that you’ll need to make you’re the decoration of home truly extravagant!

A Complete Novice’s Guide to Flowers

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Flowers are one of the perfect gifts that you can offer your loved ones to show your feelings for them. In addition, these blooms are always here whenever that you are happy, sad, grieving. Flowers can definitely express the words that we sometimes cannot bring ourselves to say. Usually, when we fall in love, flowers are always there to secure the heart of the woman that he likes. Similarly, women love to decorate themselves with flowers. However, we are not all experts on selecting the proper flowers to use on different occasions. If you believe that you are a novice when it comes to flowers, this article will provide you perfect information.


A Complete Novice’s Guide to Flowers A Complete Novice’s Guide to Flowers

A Complete Novice’s Guide to Flowers


For Expressing your Love, Appreciation and Gratitude

A bouquet of flowers can help your express your feelings to your loved ones. There are different kinds of feelings that you can put flowers to good use – love, appreciation, admiration, grief and gratitude. Flowers will always highlight your feelings for someone you love. If you have lost someone dear to you, you can give the bereaved pleasantly-arranged flowers to express your condolences. Extending your thanks and gratitude to your friends and loved ones can also be shown through flowers.

You can also offer gift of flowers to the women in your life – your mother, siblings, friends, neighbors or someone have your respect. After receiving your gift of flowers, they will surely be filled with joy. If you don’t know which flowers to send to your loved ones, we can help you make the right choice.

For Decoration Purposes

Flowers are also perfect for decorating any part of the house or space that you move in. If you wish to improve the atmosphere of any corner of your home, the best way to do so is to place these adorable and fragrant blooms. The best places in your home to place floral arrangements are your living room, kitchen, bedroom, home office and hallways.

Flowers for Different Occasions

Flowers are also perfect for highlighting any kind of occasions or important events in your life. It can become an important part of your prom, homecoming, graduation, wedding proposal and wedding. These events are definitely not complete without seeing these flowers. It can also become a nice part your celebration of annual events such as New Year, Valentine’s Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas. You can find most people exchanging flower gifts to one another during these events.

Flowers for Formal Events

If you are searching for flowers that will be best for formal events, the perfect choice would be tropical flowers. Among the tropical flowers, one of the most used blooms is the orchid.

Flowers for Men

Men usually don’t have any idea about flowers. They usually pick the wrong ones to express their feelings to the women (or men) that they love. Most men think that flowers mean commitment. This kind of thinking is wrong. Flowers can be used as a symbol of your endless appreciation for them. Women can also know if the flowers you offered them mean that you like them. If you’re not in a hurry, you can give them a gift of fragrant flowers to know if they have the same feelings for you. By regularly sending your special someone fresh flowers, you will determine if she is the perfect one for you. The right chance to send your lady friend a bouquet or basket of flowers is during February – Valentine’s Day. You can delight her by offering her flowers like roses, carnation, gloxinia during week days. If you wish to confess your feelings for her, the right flower that you should give her is rosebud.

Flowers such as zinnia, pansy and holly are the perfect flowers for your mother, sister, lady friends and female relatives.

If you know an incoming event in your family or office and you wish to highlight it with flowers, you can always ask the assistance of Miracle Flowers. We are the best flower shop that is located in Folsom, California. We have the best team of professional florists who will be there to cater to your needs. If you want to make your flower gifts a little more personal, you can give your specifications to our florists and they will make it happen for you. They will even deliver it on the address that you tell them.


Your Mother Deserves a Fresh Bouquet of Flowers This May 12

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Mother’s Day is fast approaching and flower shops across the United States are getting busy preparing for the occasion. If you haven’t reserved a fresh bouquet or basket of flowers for your beloved mother, now is the time to choose the best blossoms to make May 12 extra special for her.


Your Mother Deserves a Fresh Bouquet of Flowers This May 12 1024x682 Your Mother Deserves a Fresh Bouquet of Flowers This May 12

Your Mother Deserves a Fresh Bouquet of Flowers This May 12


Most of us live a very busy and independent life. Some of us have built our lives miles away from our mother while some live a few blocks away from her. We go to work, perform our duties and tasks, eat our meals and go home. We do this every day but we don’t even realize that we are not giving ourselves a short break to think about our mother’s love. This May 12, 2013, show your mother your undying devotion and affection by offering her fragrant and vibrant flowers.

There are many ways of commemorating our mother’s love and sacrifices for us. We can take her out to a restaurant, to a movie theater, to a sports match – the possibilities are endless. However, nothing beats giving her a gift of fresh flowers on Mother’s Day.

Here are some of the flowers that you can give your Mom this Sunday:

  1. Roses. Roses are one of the ideal gifts that you can give your mother this Mother’s Day. These blossoms are not just known only as a symbol of love, but also a symbol that shows a wide range of feeling. For example, the red rose indicates true love. On the other hand, yellow roses represent happiness and friendship. Finally, the pink rose symbolizes happiness and gratitude. Show your mother your love and appreciation by sending her a mix of roses.
  2. Carnation. Carnation is recognized as the official Mother’s Day Flower. This flower is a customary gift that most people offer their mothers on this occasion. White carnations are considered as the most famous variety of carnation used as gifts to mothers because this flower means love, respect and admiration.
  3. Daisies. Because of the meaning of these flowers, the Gerbera daisies make a perfect Mother’s Day gift. This flower represents cheerfulness and most people will add these flowers in a bouquet that they ordered for their moms.
  4. Lilies. Lilies such as Stargazer and Royal Spring are some of the varieties of lilies that you can bring to your mother on that special occasion. Surprise her with a perfectly-wrapped lilies and a box of her favorite chocolate or a bottle of her favorite wine.
  5. Orchids. The orchid is another perfect flower requested on different flower shops across the country during Mother’s Day. This tropical flower is usually offered to mothers who work and raise a family at the same time as it symbolizes wealth and beauty. Another positive quality of orchids is that it last a long time, in a vase or bouquet, usually about two weeks at most.

When you are choosing the best flowers that you will give your mother this Mother’s Day, make sure that the colors and other features of the flowers best describe her attributes. Make sure that the flowers should not only be attractive and expensive but also a direct representation of your feelings for her. Sending her a vase that will complement the flowers are also ideal. Also, think about the way you will give the flowers to her. You can always think about a scenario where you will give your gift of flowers to her. This way, she will be delighted to see not only the gift but also your effort to make her happy.

One of the best flower shops in California where you can get fresh and vibrant flowers is the Miracle Flowers. We have the best team of professional florists that will make your flower bouquet or basket that you ordered look fantastic. They can also give you expert advice about the best Mother’s Day floral design that your bouquet or basket will have. Also, if you think you can’t give your mother your gift of flowers personally, you can always enlist the help of our reliable delivery team. If the recipient lives outside California, we will also deliver your order in a timely manner.


How to Do a Wedding Bouquet Arrangement

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Flowers are one of the prominent things that you’ll see in weddings. These can be used to decorate the church or become a bouquet for the wedding attendees. Weddings are not complete without wedding bouquets. You will usually see this beautiful piece of adornment held by the bride at church weddings. Making the bride extra special on her special day is one of the important things that you can give her. If you are looking for the best gift that you can give the bride, you can offer her a wedding bouquet.


How to Do a Wedding Bouquet Arrangement How to Do a Wedding Bouquet Arrangement

How to Do a Wedding Bouquet Arrangement


Wedding gifts are sometimes expensive. If you wish to save money and make your wedding gift more memorable, you can design your own floral arrangement. There are moments that you need to personalize your gift in order to put more of your personality to the gift that you are sending. This way, the recipient will feel that you totally put dedication in creating it. Moreover, you get to choose the flowers and design that you can use on the wedding bouquet.

Here’s how you can make your own wedding bouquet arrangement:

  1. Choose long-stemmed flowers of any color. In most cases, roses are the best pick for wedding bouquets. Select the flowers that will best complement the wedding ceremony or the overall design of the wedding venue. You can contact the wedding organizer about the details of the decoration in order to make sure that the flowers that you’ll bring as a gift will match the occasion. If you wish to offer a bouquet consisting different flowers, you can do so by combining one or two blossoms in the process.
  2. Remove its leaves and extra thorns on the stem. You don’t want to hurt the bride during the most important day of her life, do you? Removing the thorns on the stems of the flowers that you’ll bring will ensure that the bride will have her happiest moments. Leaving one thorn increases the chance of ruining that perfect moment.
  3. Cut the stems while holding it on running water. Take away 3 to 5 inches of stems. The best way of doing this perfectly is by holding the whole bunch of flowers at the same time to ensure that the length of every stem is uniform. To make sure that the blossoms stay fresh until you have delivered it to the bride on the wedding day, place the flower stems on a container filled with water to maintain its freshness.
  4. Take 4 of the flowers and make a square-shape to provide framework for the bouquet. While holding the framework of the bouquet in using one hand, grab the other ones and place it around the framework that you made. Do this until you feel that the bouquet is large enough.
  5. Secure the bouquet that you made using floral tapes or rubber bands. The wedding bouquet should be durable because the bride will throw this away to excited single ladies after the wedding. If the flowers become a little bit loose while the wedding ceremony is ongoing, it means that you did not secure it properly. To avoid disaster, bind the flowers properly.
  6. Wrap the flowers with neat and colorful plastic cover or other material that you wish to use. This will give the wedding bouquet its unique character. You can also add a colorful ribbon of your choice to highlight the overall style of the bouquet.

Styling your own wedding bouquet as a gift to the bride on her wedding day is easier if you have plenty of ideas on how to make the best one. If you don’t know where to start, you can always search the internet for step-by-step instructions on how to make wedding bouquets. By searching the internet for information, you can be confident about your wedding gift to the bride. You can also see other floral designs and integrate it into your own. If you are going to design your own wedding bouquet, make sure that the flowers are absolutely fresh. You can purchase the things that you need on a flower market or in a wholesaler. The flowers from these sources are guaranteed fresh and completely affordable. This is advantageous to you if you are on a tight budget.



What are the Best Floral Arrangements for your Home Office?

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Flowers are said to be one of the beautiful things on earth that can help you relieve stress. At the same time, these wonderful creations can help you improve the internal decoration of your home or any space that you wish to install it. If you are working at home or have set up a home office, having beautifully crafted blossoms will help you make your work load lighter. Placing magnificently-arranged flowers in your home office table is one of the things that you can do in order to improve your working mood. The flowers that you’ll put in your flower vase can serve as an inspiration to finish your work admirably or to relieve your stress during difficult office times.


What are the Best Floral Arrangements for your Home Office What are the Best Floral Arrangements for your Home Office?

What are the Best Floral Arrangements for your Home Office?


What are Different Kinds of Floral Arrangements that you can do?

Here are some floral arrangement suggestions that you can use to improve the atmosphere in your home office:

  1. Ikebana. This floral arrangement is also known as ‘the way of flowers’. The Japanese use flowers to symbolize ideal harmony between heaven, earthy and man. In each arrangement, there is an invisible triangle; the tallest line that represents heaven, the middle one is earth and man and the lowest one is earth. This kind of flower arrangement has been practiced for many centuries. There are many types of Ikebana – the formal one is called Seika. The floating arrangement type is called Ukibana. The basket type on the other hand is referred to as Morimano.
  2. Fan Shape. This arrangement is a low arrangement that does not interfere with any activity on the table. It has a shape of a fan or in some cases, a horizontal shape used in restaurants that is usually positioned in dining tables. You can also see this floral arrangement design in hotel rooms.
  3. Triangular. This floral arrangement is commonly used in professional and personal functions. The height and width is installed with various elements and then a good focal point is established. It is done in a triangular manner that will result in an attractive fashion. This floral design is usually placed on the side station. You can also find this kind of flower arrangements in ceremonies.
  4. Crescent Shape. The crescent flower arrangement is formal and asymmetrical. In order to accomplish this particular arrangement, this will require plenty of skill and experience. Moreover, this arrangement is very pleasant to the eyes. This is usually kept in the hotel’s lobby. This arrangement is used to catch the attention of the guests.
  5. Circular Shape. Arranging flowers in a circular fashion adds a pleasing effect to any space it will be placed. The round or circular shape is the natural arrangement since majority of flowers can be found in this shape in nature. In addition, it’s also easier to arrange the flowers that you have in a circular fashion. This particular type of arrangement is seen on buffet tables and conference tables. This floral design can also be presented in different events.

Where are the Best Places in your Home Office to Place your Floral Arrangements?

Once you have decided the best floral arrangement that you want to see in your home office for the whole week, the next decision that you need to make is the perfect place in your home office where you should place the flowers. Here are some of the ideal spots where you can best enjoy the view of your floral design:

  • Office Table. This is the spot where you work. Placing your flowers in your office table will definitely rejuvenate you especially if you feel like you are giving up.
  • File Cabinets. If you have file cabinets in your office, you can also highlight the portion of the room where you placed it by having beautifully-arranged flowers on it.
  • Center Tables. Flowers are best seen on center tables. If you have a center table in your home office, you can decorate it using the flowers that you purchased, received or picked in your home garden.


If you know how to arrange flowers, you can easily decorate any part of your home, especially your home office, you can prevent unnecessary spending. You can just do the arrangement yourself because you have your own aesthetic values as your guiding principle.

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