Anniversary Flowers: When, What, How Much

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It is amazing how even the simplest of things can give your loved ones the same amount of joy as some of the more expensive gifts. A bunch of flowers presented with love and affection can easily compete with an expensive jewellery item, if gifted with loving intentions.

A wedding anniversary is an occasion that comes every year. And the best way to start that day off is by presenting your loved one with carefully selected bunch of flowers. There is nothing like flowers to set off the mood in the right direction in the morning. Men often like to surprise their wives by having the flowers delivered at home or their work place during the day to surprise them. Either way fresh and beautiful flowers are going to convey your deep felt love for her.

anniversary flowers e1351921163533 Anniversary Flowers: When, What, How Much

Anniversary Flowers

When Should Flowers Be Bought

Flowers start withering away after a day or two and it is best that they should be brought fresh during the day time right before delivering them or having them delivered. This really depends upon what time you intend taking the flowers. If you want to take them home yourself after work, then there is no point buying them early in the morning. However if you want that the flowers should surprise her during the day then visit the florist on your way to work, and place the order to be delivered within a few hours.

There are many online florists who offer good rates for both flowers and the delivering job, but if you want to make sure that fresh flowers and the ones of your choice are going to be delivered to your wife then it is best you hand pick them at a nearby reputable florist.


Select the ones that have just arrived at the florist, or at best a day before so that by the time they reach your wife, they still have a little more than a day to keep smelling fresh and looking wonderful.

Which Flowers Should You Buy

This part is usually more testing for the male species than the one stated above. Florists usually keep a wide range of flowers in varying colours as they have to cater for the various needs of customers. But, undoubtedly the safer choice for those who are placing the order online is one of the deep coloured roses or even tulips. Both of these come in beautiful colours however it is only the red and pink roses that express love; the pink tulips are equally gorgeous. If you are handpicking them then it is a good idea to consult the florist as they bear a lot of knowledge about flowers for different occasions.

How Many Should Your Buy

There is no rule as to how many flowers should be bought for any occasion. A single long stem rose or a bunch of them tied up with ribbons are equally attractive; it is all about the personal preference and the aesthetic appeal that one finds in them.

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