Anniversary Celebration: Surprising your Loved Ones through Flowers

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Wedding anniversary definitely is one of the greatest moments of the year especially for married people. This is where they measure their accomplishments as a lawfully wedded couple. However, not only married people can celebrate anniversary; even those who are living together can also have one. If your anniversary with your wife or legal partner is fast approaching, you can always think of a nice present that will warm her (or his) heart. Are you running out of ideas, or perhaps, budget? Why don’t you try to give her a fresh gift of fragrant flowers instead?

Many people all over the world purchase flowers as their anniversary gift because this is more affordable, easy to procure and most of all, it doesn’t need to be gift wrapped. In addition, anniversary flower bouquet or basket can become a great gift to your loved one even if you have planned it ahead or not.


Anniversary Celebration Surprising your Loved Ones through Flowers Anniversary Celebration: Surprising your Loved Ones through Flowers

Anniversary Celebration: Surprising your Loved Ones through Flowers


What are the Traditional Anniversary Flowers?

According to tradition, many couples around the world give flowers to one another every year. Each year is represented by a specific flower. The exact date when this tradition started may not be clear to all but the bottom line is that it helps you to remember the sweet and hard days that you spent together using the sweet scent of flowers in your hand. Here is a short list of anniversary flowers that you can consult when buying anniversary flowers:

  • 1st Anniversary is Rose
  • 2nd Anniversary is Gardenia
  • 3rd Anniversary is Fuchsia
  • 4th Anniversary is Geranium
  • 5th Anniversary is Daisy
  • 6th Anniversary is Calla Lily
  • 7th Anniversary is Tulip
  • 8th Anniversary is Clematis
  • 9th Anniversary is Poppy
  • 10th Anniversary is Daffodil

In your day of anniversary, you may or may not have already arranged a great date with your loved one to commemorate your wedding vows. Imagine the look on her face by surprising her at office with a magnificent arrangement of her favorite flower! This is indeed a fantastic start to a sweet and great day of anniversary celebration.


You also have to know that not only couples can send a gift of flowers to one another. As a matter of fact, even friends and relatives can offer their well-wishes to the couple celebrating their anniversary. If you know a couple who are going to celebrate their wedding anniversary, this is your chance to delight them with a spectacularly-arranged fresh and beautiful flower bouquet or basket.

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