5 Superb Wedding Proposal Ideas That Will Leave Your Girlfriend Speechless

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Wedding proposal is one of the important events in a man’s life that should be as memorable as possible. This is the reason why most men choose to propose on significant places in their life such as the place where he met the woman of his dreams. Other men stage their proposals on public places such as public parks or restaurants. Other people perform stunts such as jumping off a building and parachuting down while the girl fearfully looks up.


5 Superb Wedding Proposal Ideas That Will Leave Your Girlfriend Speechless 1024x768 5 Superb Wedding Proposal Ideas That Will Leave Your Girlfriend Speechless

5 Superb Wedding Proposal Ideas That Will Leave Your Girlfriend Speechless


Sometimes, proposals need to be creative and daring in order to successfully convey your desire to marry the one that you love. There are many ways to pull it off. However, you must be sure that you make it perfect because she might say no especially if she feels that she’s placed in an embarrassing situation.

Here are top 5 wedding proposal ideas that can help you secure her sweet “yes”.

  1. Arrange a romantic dinner in your favorite restaurant. It can also be the restaurant where you first brought her. Play some cheesy music in a candle-lit dinner and hold her hand then propose. You can even ask the restaurant management to help you make your proposal successful.
  2. Pop the question in a hotel. Prepare the place where you are going to propose. Decorate it with things connected to you and your girlfriend to make it look personal. You can also talk to the hotel staff and management to make your proposal harmonious. Ask them to hide the engagement ring for a while and present it on the perfect moment.
  3. Ask her in front of your common friends. Many marriage proposals fail because not because she is not yet ready to commit but the girl feels that she’s been placed in an uncomfortable situation. In order to avoid feeling rejected, do your wedding proposal in front of your trusted friends. This way, she will not feel pressured to answer yes to just to make you and your friends satisfied.
  4. Propose when there is only the two of you. There are women who hate crowds of people. If you feel that she will have an adverse reaction to cheering crowds, the best way to ask her to marry you is on a secluded place. You can ask her to go to the beach or cruise with you.
  5. Stage a situation wherein she will not expect you to propose in the end. You will need your friends’ help on this part. One perfect example is to stage you fake accident. There are some men who stage a fake accident wherein the man will be ‘near death’ and she is extremely worried. The man will then ask the girl to marry her and once she answers ‘yes’, the friends will reveal themselves with a video camera, flowers and the engagement ring. However, you should know that this may not work.

Asking your woman to marry you is definitely not easy. It will take months of planning and plenty of courage. The abovementioned suggestions are just some of the popular ways to ask your woman to marry you. The success rate will depend on your readiness and preparation.

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