5 Interesting Stuff About Roses That You Need to Know Before you Die

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Roses are some of the interesting ornamental flowers surrounded by a rich history. Roses are fragrant flowers that are used as ingredients in mixing perfume flavors. In addition, this flower is also widely known as a cut flower. This flower is used as basic imagery for songs and literature; it has been a helpful inspiration for artists, poets and architects all over the world. In addition, this flower is a very popular flower gift used for declaration of love to a particular person, specifically a woman. It can also become a wonderful decoration in any corner of your home.


5 Interesting Stuff About Roses That You Need to Know Before you Die 1024x768 5 Interesting Stuff About Roses That You Need to Know Before you Die

5 Interesting Stuff About Roses That You Need to Know Before you Die


Most people love to grow roses because this is a lovely flower and easy to grow. Basically, you don’t need a gardening experience in order to successfully grow it in your garden. All you need to do is to select the perfect space in your backyard for your roses. The perfect spot in your garden is where the roses will get at least 6 hours of sunlight. Always make sure that the roses will get regular watering. You can also plant it in a clay pot if you wish to give it away as a gift to your friends, relatives and family members.

Here are some cool things about roses that you need to know.

  1. The Rose. This flower is usually used as a cut flower in many parts of the globe. According to research, roses have originated in Asia, although some of the variety came from Europe and the United States. There are many varieties of roses. They have various sizes and colours and are extremely famous all over the world.
  2. Uses in perfume. This flower is normally used as a main ingredient in many perfumes. The petals of roses are distilled to produce an oil or attar. The fragrant oil is then made into perfume. The rose water, a by-product of the distillation procedure, is normally used for scented cosmetics such as lipsticks or make-ups.
  3. Uses In food and medicine. Different countries all over the globe have used rose products as food or medicine. Rose water is used in Asia and the Middle East as a main ingredient in many food dishes. The rose syrup on the other hand, are made from rose petals, is often used for scones and marshmallows in some Western countries. The rose hips are a very good source of vitamin C which is then used in medicine.  The fruit or hips of the rose are usually turned into tea that can be taken orally. Other parts of roses can be used to treat or manage cancer and stomach problems.
  4. Uses in literature and music. The rose is a famous symbol that is used in literature. This flower has been in many known stories beginning from the middle ages to symbolize love. The famous playwright William Shakespeare made the common phrase in one of his works, ‘a rose by any other name would still smell as sweet’. Moreover, roses have been used by well-regarded poets like Robbie Burns and Yeats. In music, the lyrics ‘Goodbye England’s Rose’ is a powerful symbol used by Sir Elton John in his tribute song to Princess Diana entitled “Candle in the Wind”. Finally, this flower is also featured on the sad story of Oscar Wilde entitled the ‘Nightingale and the Rose’.
  5. Uses in Iconography. This flower is customarily considered as the “flower of love”. Roses have been used since the olden Ages to symbolize passion and love. In Roman and Greek mythologies, this flower was used as a symbol of Aphrodite and Venus, the goddesses of love. However, in Christian iconography, this flower is usually connected with Christian martyrs. The rose’s five petals are believed to represent Christ’s five wounds.

Indeed, the rose has plenty of uses. It has been used as a symbol of love in many cultures around planet and its powerful imagery that spreads through literature, arts and music. Aside from being a decorative plant, this fragrant flower has also amazing uses as a superb ingredient in cookery, as well as medicine. It is an attractive flower with a sensuous fragrance and sensitive petals. Roses will definitely remain a magnificent part of world culture for a very long time.

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