5 Flowers Traditionally Used to Express Sympathy

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There are so many different kinds of flowers that we see around us every day. There are some flowers that are used to express love and there are other flowers used to express sympathy. Here are 5 flowers that can be used to express sympathy to a family or individual who has lost a loved one. If you do not know which flower to send to the family which has lost a loved one, then you need to go on reading this article to learn more about what different flowers convey to a bereaved family.

Lilies: Lilies are available in different colors. Traditionally the white lilies are the flowers that have been sued to convey sympathy to a person who has lost a loved one. This is because of the fact that in Christian religion, lilies are mainly used to symbolize the resurrection. So, lilies are very significant when they are used during a funeral or when they are sent to the home of a person who has lost loved ones. The lilies also talk of the innocence of the departed soul.

Carnations: The carnations are not only sent to show sympathy, but based on their color, they can be used for various purposes. For example, the pink ones can be sent to a person just to show that you remember the person. On the other hand, the red ones are sent when you admire a person. So, if you want to show sympathy to a person, then you need to send carnations that are in all colors. These flowers are also used to create wreaths that are placed in funerals. This is because of the denseness of the flowers.

Chrysanthemums: These flowers are not commonly used, but they are used in specific parts of the world like Europe. The White flowers are used to show sympathy to a lost loved one. Though some people use the Chrysanthemums alone, most people use these flowers along with other flowers in combination.

Roses: Since roses are available in many different colors, you have to be careful when you select roses to show sympathy. For example, a red rose may symbolize love and so on. So, when you send roses to extend your heartfelt sympathies to a family, you need to ensure that you send them in a bunch of different colors. This will be much better than sending roses of a specific color.

Gladioli: The gladioli flowers are the ones that symbolize the sincerity of a person. Also, it shows that a person had a moral strength. So, when these flowers are used at funerals, they symbolize that the departed soul had all these virtues.
When you are sending flowers to show sympathy, you should ensure that you select the right kind of flowers. This will help to convey the right meaning at the right time. You can even ask a florist for a bunch of flowers after telling about the occasion and the florists will be able to get you a wreath made of the right kind of flowers.

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