Beware: 5 Flowers that Are Poisonous to Your Dog

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It is the American family dream to own a small house with picket fences and a dog. But where you have both a pet dog and a garden, you have to be cautious about a few things. One of the things easily overlooked by pet owners is the plants and flowers they are planting into their lawns and gardens. Most people don’t draw a relation between the two, even though there is a valid reason to believe that some flowers are even poisonous to dogs if they accidentally digest them.

If you love your dog and also own a garden then pay attention to the following list of flowers to find out which ones can prove to be fatal to your pet.

 Beware: 5 Flowers that Are Poisonous to Your Dog

Autumn Crocus

  • Commonly seen, the Autumn Crocus is one of the two crocus plants that blooms in association to the season that it is meant for. Although the sprint crocus can cause vomiting, it is the autumn crocus that is actually toxic for the dogs. If ingested, the dog is going to show signs of increased vomiting, bleeding of the intestines, damage to kidney and liver and even respiratory failure. If signs like these occur, it is best that you bring your pet to the nearest veterinarian immediately.
 Beware: 5 Flowers that Are Poisonous to Your Dog


  • Azalea look really beautiful on the outside, however their composition makes them quite toxic and deadly on the inside. Dogs and cats have a habit of chewing onto plants and flowers. If your dog accidently digests Azalea flowers or even its leaves, then it can result in serious effects. Your dog might start to drool heavily, more than he normally does. Although it seems harmless at first, if you don’t note these signs and give him proper veterinary help then the dog might even fall into coma leading to possible death. Other signs seen with the ingestion of this flower are vomiting and diarrhea.
Lilies 300x223 Beware: 5 Flowers that Are Poisonous to Your Dog


  • Lilies exist in various kinds and species and it is important to know which ones are safe to plant because some are so poisonous that it can lead to the death of your pet. The Tiger Lilies, Asiatic lilies, Calla lilies, Japanese lilies and Arum lilies are quite toxic and they can cause a difficulty in swallowing in the dogs, vomiting, excessive drooling and pain in the oral cavity.
cyclamen 300x227 Beware: 5 Flowers that Are Poisonous to Your Dog


  • Cyclamen give a bright color to your garden but again are very harmful. And it is not the petals or the flower, but the roots of the flower which can prove to be harmful to your pet. If the dog swallows the roots, then excessive vomiting and diarrhea might result in death.
english ivy 300x210 Beware: 5 Flowers that Are Poisonous to Your Dog

English Ivy

  • Some people are fond of English Ivy but what they don’t know is that it is extremely dangerous to the pet dogs. The ingestion of these flowers is again going to cause more or less the same symptoms in any dog, as by swallowing one of the above flowers. It is important that at any time, if your dog shows signs of excessive salivation, vomiting and/or diarrhea, it should immediately be taken to the vet.

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